Friday, 15 January 2016 Stallion Competition Zuidbroek

GLOCK’s Toto Jr. wins

Yet another time, GHPC horse trainer Marieke van der Putten was able to present her protégés GLOCK's Toto Jr. and Four Legends brilliantly in the context of the Stallion Competition in Zuidbroek (NED). With six-year-old KWPN stallion Four Legends KS (Wynton x Ferro), Marieke shone in the M class test and succeeded in winning with 84 points.

GLOCK's Toto Jr. presented himself truly outstandingly. In the L class test, the five-year-old son of Totila, with a capacity for incredibly strong movement, danced himself into the hearts of the judges and won head and shoulders above the rest with 92 points. "I don’t have any other words but 'Wow!'", said judge Monique Peutz. "What a fantastically ridden test! He moves extremely smoothly, trots with great erect posture and already shows great performance in the canter too."

For walk and trot GLOCK's Toto Jr. was given 9.5 points, whilst for canter, harmony and contact there were 9 points. All in all this resulted in 92 points and a phenomenal victory. "He gives me a fantastic feeling. The longer I ride him, the better I can understand how Edward must have felt with Totilas under his saddle. GLOCK's Toto Jr. is just like his father, an absolutely extraordinary horse”, says Marieke with a beaming smile.

Simply proud: GLOCK rider Edward Gal with GHPC horse trainer Marieke van der Putten and GLOCK's Toto Jr. © GHPC