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Home triumph for Gerco Schröder in GLOCK’s Perfection Tour

The first of two World Ranking show jumping events this Saturday (03/02/2018) at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER was staged as a 2-phase special (1.45 m) and demanded the highest level of concentration from the 34 nominated rider-horse duos. Spectators watching this 3-star jumping competition over 1.45 m had to wait some time to witness the first penalty-free ride, because it was only with starting number eight that the top Swiss rider Martin Fuchs achieved that feat. In the saddle on nine-year-old Chica B Z, daughter of Canturano, he mastered the 13 obstacles with no faults in 37.66 seconds. It was an unbelievable time, which was ultimately enough for second place, given that GLOCK Rider Gerco Schröder was able to surpass that performance as 31st starter. The Dutchman rode ten-year-old GLOCK’s Dobelensky, son of Cornet Obolensky, across the line in an incredible 35.18 seconds. With that, the Olympic silver medallist, World and European Champion could celebrate his first victory in his second homeland at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER.

“It’s a really good feeling to win here. I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to the Glock family for the opportunity to ride this wonderful horse. Of course I have GLOCK blankets for all the GLOCK horses, but I was short of a GLOCK winner’s blanket.”, said a delighted Gerco Schröder in the winner’s interview. “Tomorrow, in GLOCK’s 3* Grand Prix, I will ride my best horse, GLOCK’s London. He jumped very well in the opening competition on Thursday (01/02). Tomorrow is another day and we’ll give it our best shot.”

Only three duos achieved penalty-free rounds in both phases of this World Ranking jumping competition, with prize money totalling 25,000 euros, and one of them came from Sweden. In third place in GLOCK’s Perfection Tour were Malin Baryard-Johnsson and 12-year-old H&M Cue Channa, daughter of Cardento 933 x Robin Z.

Achieving best placings from an Austrian point of view were Gerfried Puck (ST) and Bionda 3 (Phin Phin x Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve) in an excellent fifth place. The experienced duo crossed the finishing line with just one time penalty in 42.57 seconds.

13 CSI3* GLOCK’s Perfection Tour
Int. two-phase jumping competition 1.45 m
This competition counts for LONGINES Rankings

1. Glock’s Dobelensky - Schröder, Gerco (NED) 0/35.18 
2. Chica B Z - Fuchs, Martin (SUI) 0/37.66  
3. H&M Cue Channa - Baryard-Johnsson, Malin (SWE) 0/41.51 
4. Copperfield - Oplatek, Andrzej (POL) 1/36.67 
5. Bionda 3 - Puck, Gerfried (AUT/ST) 1/42.57  
6. Gino van de Vrunte - Vanderhasselt, Christophe (BEL) 4/36.52  
7. Dundalk - Romp, Ruben (NED) 4/37.70  
8. Dagonett - Moyersoen, Filippo (ITA) 4/38.55  
9. Joy - Meyer-Zimmermann, Janne F. (GER) 4/39.61 
10. Tina de l’Yserand - Schwizer, Pius (SUI) 4/40.44  
11. Quitoki - Skrzyczynski, Jaroslaw (POL) 5/31.77 
12. Castlefield Rubinus - Duffy, Michael G (IRL) 5/37.25
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What: International Show Jumping
When: 01–04/02/2018
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GLOCK Rider Gerco Schröder (NED) secured his first GLOCK Trophy in the CSI3* GLOCK’s Perfection Tour. © Nini Schäbel

GLOCK Perfection! GLOCK Rider Gerco Schröder (NED) and GLOCK’s Dobelensky moved quickly and precisely to take victory in the CSI3* GLOCK’s Perfection Tour. © Michael Rzepa

Occupying second place in the World Ranking CSI3* GLOCK’s Perfection Tour were twice GLOCK’s Grand Prix winner Martin Fuchs (SUI) and Chica B Z. © Michael Rzepa

Malin Baryard-Johnsson (SWE) and 12-year-old H&M Cue Channa, daughter of Cardento 933 x Robin Z, took third place in the CSI3* GLOCK’s Perfection Tour. © Michael Rzepa

Best Austrian in the CSI3* GLOCK’s Perfection Tour over 1.45 m: Gerfried Puck (St) and Bionda 3. © Michael Rzepa