Saturday, 26 July 2014 CSI5* CSI2* CSIYH1* CSIAm-A

Benjamin Saurugg (AUT/St) going strong in the CSI2* jumping competition

Even some intervening heavy showers failed to prevent the 19 riders in the CSI2* speed and handiness jumping competition from delivering fantastic performances round the 1.35 m course. Despite the unwanted watering, the conditions of the ground remained great and did not keep riders and horses from going at full power. And this is what the winner in this competition actually did.

Benjamin Saurugg (AUT/St) and his nine-year old Contender daughter, Vienna XII, executed a real dream round and secured first place for themselves with an incredible head-start of six seconds (63.19)! "The ground stayed perfect and I was able to go at full risk! This is rather rare with such a heavy downpour”, said Saurugg, praising to conditions in the GHPC.

Clarissa Crotta, who came second, made the course of 13 obstacles in 69.46 seconds, while Stefan Leikermoser (AUT/K) and Auheim's Cosmo Brown came third with 70.90 seconds. Carinthia’s Marianne Schindele on Outlaw II came sixth, Salzburg’s Juergen Krackow and Boulahrouz came ninth.
Competition 11: CSI2*
Int. jumping competition - speed and handiness 1.35 m

1. Vienna XII - Saurugg Benjamin (AUT/St) 63.19 seconds
2. Caprice - Crotta Clarissa (SUI) 69.46 seconds
3. Auheim's Cosmo Brown - Leikermoser Stefan (AUT/K) 70.90 seconds
4. Zarissa - Winning Jamie (AUS) 71.12 seconds (67.12)
5. LG Balladora - Grum Lidija (SLO) 72.42 seconds (68.42)
6. Outlaw II - Schindele Marianne (AUT/K) 72.47 seconds
7. Arakorn - Wasilewski Lukasz (POL) 73.26 seconds (69.26)
8. Quen Dira T On - Puch Michele (SUI) 76.06 seconds (72.06)
9. Boulahrouz - Krackow Juergen (AUT/S) 77.11 seconds (73.11)
10.Cavalino G - Gierlinger Franz (GER) 79.05 seconds (71.05)
11.Amigo Go - Pluijm Bram van der (NED) 81.55 seconds (77.55)
12.Contago's Girl - Henning Tonya (CAN) 84.40 seconds (80.40)

At full speed to victory! Benjamin Saurugg (AUT/St) and Vienna XII. © Michael Rzepa

Clarissa Crotta with Caprice achieved second place for Switzerland. © Michael Rzepa

Stefan Leikermoser (AUT/K) and Auheim’s Cosmo Brown on their way to third place. © Michael Rzepa

Next placing was number six for Marianne Schindele (AUT/K) and Outlaw II. © Michael Rzepa

Boulahrouz and Juergen Krackow (AUT/S) ranking ninth. © Michael Rzepa