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The GLOCK’s CSI2* Grand Prix goes to Pieter Clemens!

The first Grand Prix has been decided! Today thirty duos took on the GLOCK’s CSI2* Grand Prix over 1.45 m. Twelve contenders made it to the jump-off of this world ranking jumping event with prize money amounting to 25,000 euros. Ultimately prevailing once again this weekend was a rider from Belgium. Pieter Clemens and his eight-year-old Oldenburg gelding Carinjo T completed the jump-off course in a penalty-free 48.78 seconds, their performance being rewarded with the GLOCK winner’s trophy. "The course was super to ride and my horse worked perfectly with me" said the visibly delighted GLOCK’s CSI2* Grand Prix winner in the interview.

The Belgian pushed Friday’s winner Ben Schroeder (NED), in the saddle on Complemento, progeny of Contender x Voltaire, into second place (0/49.42). In third place was Philipp Schober (GER) on Zandigo (49.64). Over this weekend, the German had already achieved one win and a second place in the CSI2*.

Int. jumping competition with jump-off 1.45 m
Competition counts for the LONGINES Ranking list

1. Carinjo T - Clemens, Pieter (BEL) 0/48.78 jump-off
2. Complemento - Schroeder, Ben (NED) 0/49.42 jump-off
3. Zandigo TS - Schober, Philipp (GER) 0/49.64 jump-off
4. Kalix - van der Pluijm, Bram (NED) 0/50.33 jump-off
5. Wodka Lime - Janout, Alice (AUT/NÖ) 0/53.09 jump-off
6. Starlette de Maillet - Seydoux, Florence (SUI) 0/53.16 jump-off
7. Venus - Aufrecht, Pia-Luise (GER) 0/53.31 jump-off
8. Starling 7 - Karlsson, Irma (SWE) 4/47.49 jump-off
9. Dassino - Gordon, Elliott (GBR) 4/49.10 jump-off
10.Zarissa - Winning, Jamie (AUS) 8/53.34 jump-off
11.Frascati van Ter Hulst - Kolowrat-Krakowska, Francesca (CZE) 14/67.48 jump-off
12.Quartz de Preuilly - Reich, Alessandra (AUT) 20/69.32 jump-off
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The GLOCK’s CSI2* Grand Prix winner: Pieter Clemens (BEL) on Carinjo T. © Michael Rzepa

Ben Schroeder (NED) and Complemento took second place in the GLOCK’s CSI2* Grand Prix. © Michael Rzepa

Zandigo TS beneath Philipp Schober (GER) jumped to third place in the GLOCK’s CSI2* Grand Prix. © Michael Rzepa

For winning the GLOCK’s CSI2* Grand Prix, Pieter Clemens (BEL) received the GLOCK winner’s trophy from Franz-Peter Bockholt (Sports Director GHPC). © GHPC / studiohorst