Saturday, 30 May 2015 CDI4* CDI3* CDIU25

CDI3* Freestyle triumph for Kathleen Keller (GER)!

Six specially composed pieces of music played out precisely on time at 3:15pm today for the participants in the CDI3* Grand Prix musical freestyle at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER. In this competition, the panel of judges gave marks not only for technical execution (A-score) but also for artistic presentation (B-score). The best combination of the two elements was achieved by young Kathleen Keller (GER).

Kathleen, at just 21 years old the youngest rider to date to have won the German Dressur Derby in Hamburg, took her 13-year-old Hanoverian Daintree through a dream performance. For the A-score she received up to 71.000 % whilst, for artistic performance, the marks ranged up to 79.000 %. Overall this meant 73.225 % and victory. "Firstly and on behalf of all of the riders, I would like to thank the Gaston and Kathrin Glock family for providing us with such perfect conditions here at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER ", said Kathleen in the interview. "Everything is simply so perfect and my win makes me super happy!"

Ester Soldi (ITA) and 16-year-old Harmonia shone in technical terms, reaching almost 70 %, whilst the judges gave B-scores between 69 % and 76 %, yielding an overall result of 69.850 % and thus second place. A particularly pleasing result came for Markus Jungwirth from Vienna, who presented his Baden-Württemberg Count Basie very well and achieved an overall score of 67.400 %. Pia Gabriel (W) on Al Pacino scored 64.275 % and sixth place, thereby delivering the second red-white-red ranking.

Competition 08: CDI3* FEI GRAND PRIX Freestyle
Test: FEI Grand Prix Freestyle (Edition 1999, rev. 2009)

1. Daintree - Keller Kathleen (GER) 73.225 %
2. Harmonia - Soldi Ester (ITA) 69.850 %
3. Count Basie - Jungwirth Markus (AUT/W) 67.400 %
4. Beldonwelt - Scolari Federica (ITA) 66.600 %
5. Beukenvallei's Ubique - Lenaerts Joyce (NED) 66.525 %
6. Al Pacino 44 - Gabriel Pia (AUT/W) 64.275 %
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Kathleen Keller (GER) accepted the winner’s trophy from Franz-Peter Bockholt (GHPC sports director) and judge Elisabeth Koffmahn (AUT). © Michael Rzepa

Second place in the CDI3* Grand Prix Freestyle went to Ester Soldi (ITA) and Harmonia. © Michael Rzepa

Austrian Markus Jungwirth (W) and Count Basie took third place in the CDI3* Grand Prix Freestyle. © Michael Rzepa

Magnificent! Kathleen Keller (GER) and Daintree gave absolutely the best performance in the CDI3* Grand Prix Freestyle. © Michael Rzepa