Friday, 29 May 2015 CDI4* CDI3* CDIU25

Matthias Bouten (GER), with Ehrengold MJ, takes victory in the CDI3* Grand Prix Special

Matthias Bouten (GER) had already ridden to two second places so far during Dressage International at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER. Today he complemented them with his first victory in the CDI3* Grand Prix Special. With his twelve-year-old Ehrengold MJ, son of Ehrentusch, this former trainer-rider at the stables of Isabelle Werth secured first place with 70.353 % and thus also one of the beautiful GLOCK winner’s blankets and trophies. "I was already well satisfied with Ehrengold yesterday", said Matthias Bouten in the winner’s interview. "Today he was a little more relaxed and let himself be ridden simply perfectly. I’m happy!"

Following her win yesterday, his fellow countrywoman Isabelle Steidle took second place today. The score she collected with her 14-year-old Holstein Long Drink came to 70.078 %. Third-placed Anna Louise Ross from Great Britain, in the saddle on Oldenburg mare Die Callas, completed the podium line-up in the CDI3* Grand Prix Special with 67.392 %.

Austria’s great ladies, Andrea John (T) on Esperanto 4, Jacqueline Toniutti (St) on Sandrose and Caroline Kottas-Heldenberg (W) on Shylock 6, took fourth, sixth and eighth places respectively.

Competition 04: CDI3* international dressage test - Grand Prix Special
Level: FEI Grand Prix Special Edition 2009, Revision 2015

1. Ehrengold Mj - Bouten, Matthias (GER) 70.353 %
2. Long Drink - Steidle, Isabelle (GER) 70.078 %
3. Die Callas - Ross, Anna Louise (GBR) 67.392 %
4. Esperanto 4 - John, Andrea (AUT/T) 66.255 %
5. Fixdesign Corallo Nero - Rustignoli, Micol (ITA) 65.647 %
6. Sandrose - Toniutti, Jacqueline (AUT/St) 64.471 %
7. Eastend's Allstar - de Boer, Shanda (NED) 62.627 %
8. Shylock 6 - Kottas-Heldenberg, Caroline (AUT/W) 62.196 %
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Matthias Bouten (GER) on Ehrengold MJ with judge Stephen Clarke, his groom and GHPC sports director Franz-Peter Bockholt at the award ceremony. © GHPC / studiohorst

Following a second place in the CDI3* Grand Prix de Dressage, today Matthias Bouten (GER) and Ehrengold MJ secured victory in the Grand Prix Special. © Arnd Bronkhorst

Isabelle Steidle (GER) was victorious yesterday, with Long Drink today she took second place. © Michael Rzepa

Die Callas danced under Anna Louise Ross (GBR) to third place in the CDI3* Grand Prix Special. © Michael Rzepa

Best Austrian lady in the CDI3* Grand Prix Special: Andrea John (T) on Esperanto 4. © Michael Rzepa