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Belgian rider Wilm Vermeir wins GLOCK’s Perfection Tour

It got truly speedy today in the first of two world-ranking-list show-jumping competitions. Because the “CSI3* GLOCK’s Perfection Tour” two-phase test over 1.45 m invited contestants to a brisk starting canter and, especially in the decisive second phase, the 40 participants were in no mood to back off.

Belgian rider Wilm Vermeir found the best line to follow. With his nine-year-old BWP mare Hacienda d’Eversem, he got all the intervals spot on, achieving best time at 35.99 seconds. "Winning here is quite simple actually - with this delicious food and ambience, things can only go right” said Wilm with a wicked smile in the winner’s interview.

Second place went to his compatriot Nicola Philippaerts (BEL) who, in the saddle on Selle Français gelding H&M Quenzo de la Roque, was just slightly slower with 36.11 seconds. Jonna Ekberg (SWE) and nine-year-old chestnut mare Happiness van T Paradijs delivered the third-best result in 36.62 seconds.

Int. 2-phases jumping competition 1.45 m
This competition counts for LONGINES Ranking List

1. Hacienda d’Eversem - Vermeir, Wilm (BEL) 0/35.99 phase 2
2. H&M Quenzo de la Roque - Philippaerts, Nicola (BEL) 0/36.11 phase 2
3. Happiness van T Paradijs - Ekberg, Jonna (SWE) 0/36.62 phase 2
4. Guess 6 - Gaudiano, Emanuele (ITA) 0/37.55 phase 2
5. Cassia de Lys - Schmid, Maximilian (GER) 0/38.47 phase 2
6. Mersley Chakotay - Whitaker, William (GBR) 0/38.51 phase 2
7. Dundalk - Ryan, Thomas (IRL) 0/39.67 phase 2
8. Carita Gratia - Hutton, Samuel (GBR) 0/39.77 phase 2
9. Ulena - Thijssen, Sanne (NED) 4/35.34 phase 2
10.Nicole - Cox, Karel (BEL) 4/36.85 phase 2
11.Dakota v.Schuttershof - Bruggink, Gert Jan (NED) 4/37.26 phase 2
12.Wan Architect - Mendoza, Jessica (GBR) 4/39.50 phase 2
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Through a speedy ride, Wilm Vermeir (BEL), in the saddle on Hacienda d’Eversem, secured victory in the CSI3* GLOCK’s Perfection Tour. © Michael Rzepa

Nicola Philippaerts (BEL) and H&M Quenzo de la Roque took second place in the CSI3* GLOCK’s Perfection Tour. © Michael Rzepa

Best lady in the CSI3* GLOCK’s Perfection Tour was third-placed Jonna Ekberg (SWE) on Happiness van T Paradijs. © Michael Rzepa

Franz-Peter Bockholt (Sports Director GHPC) congratulated Wilm Vermeir (BEL) on his victory in the CSI3* GLOCK’s Perfection Tour. © GHPC / studiohorst