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GLOCK’s 2* Grand Prix victory for Pia-Luise Aufrecht (GER)

Thirteen obstacles including 16 jumps with a maximum height of 1.45 m, this was the layout designed by the Austrian course-designer-duo Franz Madl and Adi Appe within the spacious GHPC Austria competition arena for the GLOCK’s 2* Grand Prix. The double oxer-upright combination numbered 4a, b and, as core feature of the course, the triple combination 8a, b, c, presented challenges in keeping with the event to the 24 rider-horse duos.

The outstanding level of riders and horses at this tournament was reflected in the results, because eleven duos succeeded in qualifying for the jump-off in this GLOCK’s 2* Grand Prix, with prize money totalling 26,000 euros.

Victory in the LONGINES Ranking competition went to Germany, represented by Pia-Luise Aufrecht. This mother of two, who lives in the Netherlands, came in ahead of the competition in the saddle on her nine-year-old Westphalian mare Anita in 53.79 seconds.

“Many thanks for the lovely atmosphere and the wonderful time we’ve been able to enjoy here”, were the words of thanks from GLOCK’s 2* Grand Prix winner Pia-Luise Aufrecht following her success. “For us today is special for the family: earlier on, Gert-Jan won the GLOCK’s 5* Tour with his home-bred horse and now I have also won on a horse we bred, so that’s really great.”

Following two magnificent placings in the GLOCK’s 2* Tour on Friday and Saturday, Austria’s Alessandra Reich (W) today once again confirmed her form in the final. In the saddle on her good-natured partner U Mijnheer, whom she affectionately calls Mini, Alessandra rode to a magnificent second place (0/55.88).

Occupying third place in the GLOCK’s 2* Grand Prix were eleven-year-old Casantos, bred from Carthino Z, and Eric Van der Vleuten Jr. from the Netherlands. Last year this duo succeeded in taking 12th place in the GLOCK’s 2* Grand Prix.

Int. jumping competition with jump-off (1.45 m)
Competition counts for LONGINES Ranking

1. Anita - Aufrecht, Pia-Luise (GER) 0/53.79
2. U Mijnheer - Reich, Alessandra (AUT/W) 0/55.88
3. Casantos - van der Vleuten, Eric Jr (NED) 0/57.13
4. Sts Lloyd - George, Isabelle (GBR) 0/60.62
5. Vanda Platinum - Buller, Evie (AUS) 4/55.62
6. Hocus Pocus 6 - Glötzer-Thaler, Catrin (AUT/T) 4/56.04
7. Call Me Carly - Fuhrer, Dominik (SUI) 4/58.26
8. Catwalk 22 - Aguirre, Mariel Victoria (MEX) 4/59.68
9. Calippo - Kaufmann, Christoph (GER) 4/60.17
10. Emeraude du Ri d’Asse - Bujard, Olivier (SUI) 9/68.59
11. Caprizio - Asmus, Kristin (GER) 14/65.18
12. Deejay - Moore, Stephen (IRL) 4/79.70
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What: International Show Jumping
When: 08-10/06/2018
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GLOCK’s 2* Grand Prix winner Pia-Luise Aufrecht (GER) was beaming with joy. © Nini Schäbel

Pia-Luise Aufrecht (GER) and her home-bred mare Anita secured a superb victory in the jump-off of GLOCK’s 2* Grand Prix. © Cedric Vlemmings

Second place for red-white-red colours in the GLOCK’s 2* Grand Prix. On the third competition day at GHPC Austria, Alessandra Reich (GER) and U Mijnheer again delivered top results. © Nini Schäbel

Casantos and Eric Van der Vleuten Jr. came third for the Netherlands in today’s GLOCK’s 2* Grand Prix. © Cedric Vlemmings