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Super! Laura Renwick wins the GLOCK’s 5* Grand Prix

As three-times GLOCK’s Grand Prix winner and number three in the world, Martin Fuchs was of course in the shortlist of favourites for the GLOCK’s 5* Grand Prix with 344,000 euros of prize money for Horses and Stars at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER. In his preceding interview, the Swiss rider analysed the key aspects of the course over 1.60 m, in which the riders could also achieve the FEI qualification criteria for the 2019 European Championships in Rotterdam and the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. For this they had to complete the basic round of this selective jumping competition at the GHPC Austria with a maximum of eight penalty points.

“Today there could easily be errors at both the triple combination oxer-oxer-upright and combination 12a,b consisting of two tricky uprights, because the riders have to go for speed if they’re to keep within the allowed time. Staying focussed from the first till the last jump and taking every last detail into account, these are decisive at this level,” commented the 2018 World Equestrian Games silver medallist.

Among the seven who had remained penalty-free from the basic round and last to start in the jump-off, characterised by extended canters and tight turns, it was the number 63 in the world of show jumping, Laura Renwick (GBR), who took her second victory of the day following first place in the Youngster final. In the saddle on Dublin V, she emerged victorious in the GLOCK’s 5* Grand Prix (0/44.82). Awaiting the beaming British rider, alongside the elegant winner’s blanket and specially produced GLOCK trophy, was a prize of 86,000 euros as well as valuable World Ranking points in the highest AA category. “This is my third year here as a guest and it has always been a dream of mine to win the Grand Prix. The fact that it really has happened here at the unique GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER in Treffen is unbelievable and absolutely wonderful!”

Occupying second place was the son of show jumping legend John Whitaker, the six-times Young Rider European Champion Robert Whitaker. With his experienced Holsteiner Catwalk IV, he completed the jump-off penalty-free in 46.14 seconds.

Today the winner of the GLOCK’s 5* Grand Prix in February 2019, Christian Ahlmann (GER), took third place. Currently number 13 in the world and riding Take A Chance On Me Z, he also remained penalty-free in the jump-off and took third place for Germany in 46.55 seconds. Martin Fuchs (SUI) with The Sinner was also penalty-free, but his time of 47.02 was only sufficient for fourth place. 

09 CSI5* GLOCK’s 5* Grand Prix
Int. jumping competition with jump-off (1.60 m)
Counts for die LONGINES Rankings (Group AA)
Qualifier for die 2019 European Championships and 2020 Olympic Games (Certificates of Capability)

1. Dublin V - Laura Renwick (GBR) 0/44.82 jump-off
2. Catwalk IV - Robert Whitaker (GBR) 0/46.14 jump-off
3. Take A Chance On Me Z - Christian Ahlmann (GER) 0/46.55 jump-off
4. The Sinner - Martin Fuchs (SUI) 0/47.02 jump-off
5. Sterrehof’s Edinus - Marc Houtzager (NED) 0/48.17 jump-off
6. Identity Vitseroel - Christophe Vanderhasselt (BEL) 4/49.46 jump-off
7. Gravity Of Greenhill - Julien Anquetin (FRA) 8 /49.57 jump-off
8. Spring Dark - David Will (GER) 1/80.29
9. Cheldon - Douglas Lindelöw (SWE) 4/74.74
10. Iron Man van de Padenborre - Gregory Wathelet (BEL) 4/74.91
11. Icarus - Pieter Clemens (BEL) 4/75.29
12. Macao - Torben Köhlbrandt (GER) 4/75.38
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Honour to whom honour is due! KR Ingeborg Unzeitig, Klaus Glanznig (mayor Treffen/Ossiacher See) and tournament director Christoph Haas congratulating the winner of GLOCK’s 5* Grand Prix Laura Renwick. © studiohorst / GHPC

Congratulations! This is what winners look like: GLOCK’s 5* Grand Prix winner Laura Renwick (GBR) and Dublin V achieved their first GLOCK’s Grand Prix victory. © Arnd Bronkhorst

Laura Renwick and Dublin V, winners of the GLOCK’s 5* Grand Prix. © Arnd Bronkhorst

On their way to victory in the GLOCK’s 5* Grand Prix at Horses & Stars 2019: Laura Renwick (GBR) and Dublin V. © Arnd Bronkhorst

Second place also for Great Britain. Fabulous second place for Robert Whitaker and Catwalk IV in the GLOCK’s 5* Grand Prix. © Arnd Bronkhorst

Third place for Christian Ahlmann and Take A Chance On Me Z from Germany in the World Ranking show-jumping event GLOCK’s 5* Grand Prix with prize money totalling 344,000 euros. © Arnd Bronkhorst