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Amber Meijer is the GLOCK’s Medium Tour queen

Nineteen times the bell rang out to mark a start in today’s final of GLOCK’s Medium Tour. As with all competitions on this the fourth and therefore last day of the tournament at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER, this jumping test over 1.35 m was also decided in the jump-off. By virtue of penalty-free basic rounds, seven of the duos to start secured a chance at victory and gave it everything all over again in the jump-off. 

The GLOCK’s Medium Tour Final winner of last year, Amber Meijer (NED), had already put on an outstanding show again this year with victories on Thursday and Saturday. On the jump-off course, the 19-year-young lady from the Netherlands, on her fast and careful KWPN mare, Feline HBC, again found the fastest line and secured victory in the final of GLOCK’s Medium Tour with a time of 38.82 seconds. 

“My mare jumped superbly. I really had hoped to be able to win today. Once again, we’ve loved it here in Austria; thanks for the chance to be here.”, said the beaming, winning rider. 

Second place (0/40.33) in the GLOCK’s Medium Tour Final went to Switzerland, represented by Dominik Fuhrer and Westphalian mare Call Me Marilyn (Call Me Number One x Lord Pezi). Germany was represented in third place by Deborah-Ann Dierkes and Oldenburg mare Quick Silver.

With a fourth place for Marie Christine Sebesta (W) riding Kara Luna, seventh place for Carola Lehner (V) with Contex 9 and twelfth place for Elissa Valentina Bottoli (W) and Ivana Amb, Austria was represented a full three times in the placings.

09 CSIAm-A GLOCK’s Medium Tour Final
Int. standard jumping competition with jump-off 1.35 m
1. Feline HBC - Meijer, Amber (NED) 0/38.82 in jump-off
2. Call Me Marilyn - Fuhrer, Dominik (SUI) 0/40.33 in jump-off
3. Quick Silver - Dierkes, Deborah-Ann (GER) 0/42.46 in jump-off
4. Kara Luna - Sebesta, Marie Christine (AUT/W) 0/45.53 in jump-off
5. Ard Luster - Werndl, Katharina (GER) 4/42.77 in jump-off
6. Zen - Boon, Isabelle (NED) 4/49.93 in jump-off
7. Contex 9 - Lehner, Carola (AUT/V) 8/47.82 in jump-off
8. Darc du Rona Z - van Enckevort, Nina (NED) 1/81.49
9. Piccolo R - Schuttenbeld, Madee ((NED) 4/72.41
10. Balou d’Acord - Golubicek, Eva (CRO) 4/73.50
11. Dorus - Haselbekke, Bart (NED) 4/73.95
12. Ivana Amb - Bottoli, Elissa Valentina (AUT/W) 4/76.33  
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When: 01–04/02/2018
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Fantastic finish for Amber Meijer (NED). With Feline HBC she won the GLOCK’s Medium Tour Final. © Nini Schäbel

In 2017 they were victorious in the GLOCK’s Medium Tour Final and, this year too, Amber Meijer (NED) and Feline HBC were unbeatable. © Michael Rzepa

For Dominik Fuhrer (SUI) and Call Me Marilyn it was to be second place in the GLOCK’s Medium Tour Final. © Michael Rzepa

Deborah-Ann Dierkes (GER) and Quick Silver occupied third place in the GLOCK’s Medium Tour Final over 1.35 m. © Michael Rzepa

It was a time of 45.53 and no faults for Marie Christine Sebesta and Kara Luna (AUT/W), meaning an excellent fourth place in the GLOCK’s Medium Tour Final. © Michael Rzepa