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Another triumph at the GHPC for the Whitaker clan

The first final during International Show Jumping at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER Austria was clinched today in the GLOCK’s Amateur Tour. Twenty-two riders saddled up their horses for the jumping competition with jump-off over 1.35 m, nine of them achieving penalty-free rounds in the basic round, thereby qualifying for the decider. Victory in 47.67 seconds went to a lady with a very well-known surname.

Kate Whitaker, wife of Robert Whitaker, put in a fantastic round in the saddle on her just seven-year-old KWPN mare Eunomia and was rewarded with victory in the GLOCK’s Amateur Tour Final. Following fourth place in the opening event, along with second place yesterday, this triumph rounded the tournament off perfectly for this female rider. “Normally I tend to be more at national events. The whole family is represented here, which is really super. I’m very happy to have had the chance to participate in this wonderful event.”

Katharina Werndl (GER) and eight-year-old Ard Luster, son of Luidam, also achieved placings twice in the past days, now crowning her weekend with second place (0/50.66 j.o.). The best Austrian rider in this test achieved third place. Marie Theres Knill (St), with her 15-year-old Campino 243, managed the jump-off in 50.78 seconds, coming third, as yesterday.

Int. jumping competition with jump-off 1.35 m

1. Eunomia - Whitaker, Kate (GBR) 0/47.67 j.o.
2. Ard Luster - Werndl, Katharina (GER) 50.66 j.o.
3. Campino 243 - Knill, Marie Theres (AUT/St) 0/50.78 j.o.
4. Vince - Boon, Isabelle (NED) 0/51.56 j.o.
5. Sisi Myra - Rhomberg, Katharina (AUT/V) 4/45.40 j.o.
6. Athen - Wimmer, Caroline (AUT/K) 4/51.71 j.o.
7. Risky Fun - Zaccaria, Matteo (ITA) 4/57.88 j.o.
8. Cartina W - Winninghoff, Natasja (NED) 4/58.10 j.o.
9. A la Carte - Nuener, Claudia (AUT/T) 4/60.48 j.o.
10.Inca Boy van T Vianahof - Onassis, Athina (GRE) 1/79.94
11.Loreley - Brekke, Anne-Kamilla (NOR) 4/71.57 sec
12.Catminster - Kremser, Julia (GER) 4/73.86
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Eunomia and Kate Whitaker (GBR) jumping to victory in the GLOCK’s Amateur Tour Final. © Michael Rzepa

With second place in the GLOCK’s Amateur Tour Final, Katharina Werndl (GER) and Ard Luster celebrated a successful finish in the GHPC Austria. © Michael Rzepa

Third place for Marie Theres Knill (AUT/St) and Campino 243 in the GLOCK’s Amateur Tour Final. © Michael Rzepa

Kate Whitaker (GBR) concluded her highly successful weekend at the GHPC Austria by winning the GLOCK’s Amateur Tour Final. © GHPC / studiohorst