Sunday, 11 December 2016 Gaston Glock's Grand Prix Salzburg

GLOCK Perfection! Gianni Govoni victorious in Gaston Glock’s Grand Prix Salzburg

Ever since 2013, the Gaston and Kathrin Glock family has been supporting the Mevisto Amadeus Horse Indoors in Salzburg through the patronage of Gaston Glock’s Championate and Gaston Glock’s Grands Prix. This year too, the latter was to be the sporting highlight of the Mevisto Amadeus Horse Indoors over a four-star course. Here, the 37 nominated rider-horse duos faced a completely new challenge in a test carrying 100,000 euros of prize money. For the duration of the World Ranking show jumping competition, the Salzburgarena was transformed into a completely new world.

The entire complement of obstacle components was brought to this competition specially from the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER in Treffen, the magnificent floral decorations created specially for this show jumping event. The ribbons were radiant in GLOCK branding and, during the award ceremony, specially composed music rang out. The GLOCK trophies, GLOCK sashes, GLOCK winners’ blankets and GLOCK gifts brought a spell of perfection to this world of wonder.

The demanding course over 1.60 m demanded full concentration from riders and horses alike from the first jump till the last. That clear round for which all yearned was ultimately achieved by precisely ten participating duos, who could therefore contest victory in the jump-off. It was as fourth starter that the Italian, Gianni Govoni, came to the line. The 49-year-old set up his ride immaculately, executing each jump perfectly, with the clock stopping at 38.52 seconds. This proved to remain unbeatable right to the end, presenting the twice Olympic contestant with victory in Gaston Glock’s Grand Prix Salzburg.

“This is the reward for all the work that we’ve invested in Antonio”, said Gianni Govoni in the winner’s interview with Christian Clerici. “Antonio was seen as an unrideable horse. We recognised his potential and built him up with lots of sensitivity and training. He’s become a completely new horse and this victory means an enormous amount.”

It was quite a surprising result for Annina Züger (SUI) in second place. The 22-year-old, in the saddle on Beat Mändli’s one-time successful horse Louis, delivered a dream round, securing second place in 39.30 seconds. Indeed, even that experienced team world and European champion, Jur Vrieling (NED), with his stallion Corporal VDL bred from Cardento, had to concede defeat. With a time of 41.96 seconds, he took third.

It was also a positive overall result for the Austrian riders. Julia Kayser (T), riding Sterrehof’s Cayetano Z, took seventh place (4/39.61), Roland Englbrecht (OÖ) and just nine-year-old Chambery were eighth (4/43.58) and Markus Saurugg (St) with Texas I came tenth (12/41.99).

30 CSI4*  Gaston Glock’s Grand Prix Salzburg
Prize of the Gaston and Kathrin Glock Family
Int. show jumping competition with jump-off (1.60 m)
Test qualifying for the LONGINES Ranking List

1. Antonio - Govoni Gianni (ITA) 0/38.52 (jump-off)
2. Louis - Züger Annina (SUI) 0/39.30 (jump-off)
3. Corporal VDL - Vrieling Jur (NED) 0/41.96 (jump-off)
4. Chacco Boy - Hugyecz Mariann (HUN) 0/42.52 (jump-off)
5. Cannavaro - Coata Simone (ITA) 0/43.94 (jump-off)
6. Iq van het Steentje - Vermeir Wilm (BEL) 4/37.81 (jump-off)
7. Sterrehof’s Cayetano Z - Kayser Julia (AUT/T) 4/39.61 (jump-off)
8. Chambery - Englbrecht Roland (AUT/OÖ) 4/43.58 (jump-off)
9. Legioner - Hetzel Holger (GER) 8/38.90 (jump-off)
10. Texas I - Saurugg Markus (AUT/St) 12/41.99 (jump-off)
11. Caspar - Gaudiano Emanuele (ITA) 4/65.30 in the round
12. Chacon - Schmid Maximilian (GER) 4/67.65 in the round
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Christian Clerici (GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER Austria) congratulates Gianni Govoni (ITA) astride Antonio on his victory in the CSI4* Gaston Glock’s Grand Prix Salzburg. © GHPC / studiohorst

Gianni Govoni (ITA) and Antonio were in phenomenal form in the CSI4* Gaston Glock’s Grand Prix Salzburg. © Michael Graf

Annina Züger (SUI) on Louis delivered a surprising second place in the CSI4* Gaston Glock’s Grand Prix Salzburg. © im|press|ions - Daniel Kaiser

Corporal VDL ridden by Jur Vrieling (NED) jumped to third place in the CSI4* Gaston Glock’s Grand Prix Salzburg. © Michael Graf