Thursday, 24 May 2018 GLOCK Stallions

GLOCK stallions’ test results regarding WFFS gene

All GLOCK stallions have now been tested for the WFFS gene and the results are in.
Below is a list of the GLOCK breeding stallions that do not carry the WFFS gene:

GLOCK’s Dream Boy (non-carrier)
GLOCK’s Flavio (non-carrier)
GLOCK’s Johnson TN (non-carrier)
GLOCK’s Romanov (non-carrier)
GLOCK’s Toto Jr. (non-carrier)
GLOCK’s Trafalgar (non-carrier)
GLOCK’s Voice (non-carrier)
GLOCK’s Zonik (non-carrier)

One of our stallions does indeed appear to be a carrier of the WFFS gene, namely GLOCK's Total US. Breeding with mares that are not carriers carries no consequences.
GLOCK's Total US will continue to be available for breeding, albeit we will then have to ask the breeder for the mare’s test results. Naturally we will not accept any mares that are carriers of the gene.