Sunday, 31 May 2015 CDI4* CDI3* CDIU25

Goose bumps and a record victory for GLOCK's Voice and Edward Gal in the CDI4* musical freestyle

Today’s perfect sunshine and a dressage arena lined by hundreds of spectators at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER set the perfect stage for the grand finale of Dressage International. Eleven participating duos had qualified for the CDI4* Grand Prix musical freestyle with accompanying 40,000 euros of prize money. Each of them rode accompanied by a specially composed sound track with pieces of music arranged precisely to match the exercises and movements of the horses.

It was truly a dance into the hearts of both judges and spectators that was performed by GLOCK Rider Edward Gal and 13-year-old GLOCK's Voice. 'Voici' approached the start at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER Austria for the very first time and it was with him that GLOCK Rider 'Eddie' was able to continue his continuous series of wins dating back to 2012.

"GLOCK's Voice was simply perfect today. He exhibited concentration, ambition and delivered a superb ride. Having watched Robbie Williams dance yesterday, I thought ‘that’s what I need to match in the arena’. I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Gaston and Kathrin Glock family. It isn’t just that they staged great tournaments here today. The Glock family does so much for equestrian sport and I think I can say that on behalf of all of us. Please let’s have a big round of applause!", said the visibly moved GLOCK Rider in his winner’s interview.

For their extraordinary performance, Edward Gal and GLOCK's Voice received technical A-scores of four times 79.000 % and one 79.750 %, whilst the artistic B-scores ranged between 85 % und 87 %. The final score of 82.475 % resulted not only in a clear victory but also in a personal best performance for Edward Gal and GLOCK’s Voice.

The second place was also occupied by The Netherlands with Katja Gevers and Thriller. As on Friday, a score of 74.650 % granted the likeable female rider one of the splendid GLOCK trophies. Swinging music accompanied the freestyle performance of Italian rider Valentina Truppa who, with her experienced Fixdesign Chablis, achieved 72.525 % and thus third place.

Competition 12: CDI4* FEI GRAND PRIX Freestyle
Test: FEI Grand Prix Freestyle (Edition 1999, rev. 2009)

1. Glock's Voice - Gal Edward (NED) 82.475 %
2. Thriller - Gevers Katja (NED) 74.650 %
3. Fixdesign Chablis - Truppa Valentina (ITA) 72.525 %
4. Ucento - van Mierlo Danielle (NED) 72.200 %
5. Utah - Timmermans Margo - (NED) 70.550 %
6. Grosso's Gentle - Schulten-Baumer Ellen (GER) 70.450 %
7. Romeo-Star - Sidneva Elena (RUS) 70.050 %
8. Talent - Püvi Grete (EST) 69.675 %
9. Jonstrupgårdens Raneur - Seierskilde Lisbet (DEN) 68.975 %
10.Currency DC - Dutta Susan (USA) 68.400 %
11.Wolkenritter - Hartung Amanda (AUT/T) 66.350 %
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GLOCK rider Edward Gal on GLOCK's Voice. © Arnd Bronkhorst

Grace, harmony and total mutual reliance is what characterises GLOCK duo Edward Gal (NED) and GLOCK's Voice. © Arnd Bronkhorst

Katja Gevers (NED) and her Thriller came second in the CDI4* Freestyle. © Michael Rzepa

Valentina Truppa (ITA) and Fixdesign Chablis came third with 72.525 % in the CDI4* musical freestyle. © Michael Rzepa