Tuesday, 20 December 2016 CSI2* Roosendaal (NED)

Great performances by Gerco Schröder in Roosendaal

As the year draws to an end, so it will soon be time for Gerco Schröder and his four-legged partner to enjoy the Christmas holidays. But, a week before the festivities, it was time for the GLOCK Rider to head off for another tournament with GLOCK’s Dobelensky, GLOCK’s Debalia and GLOCK’s Lausejunge. The CSI2* at Roosendaal (NED) offered the GLOCK horses an opportunity to present themselves in top form, earning a well-and-truly deserved tournament break.

The eight-year-old newcomer to Team GLOCK, GLOCK’s Dobelensky, remained penalty-free over obstacles reaching 1.35 and 1.40 m in the two tests and shows promise for the future. His same-aged partner in the stables, GLOCK’s Debalia, also picked up on her good performances of last season and remained penalty-free over 1.40 m. Also a source of joy for his rider was GLOCK’s Lausejunge. This cheeky Westphalian gelding improved his form day by day and didn’t touch a single bar in the competitions on Thursday and Friday over 1.40 m. To crown it all, in the Grand Prix world ranking show jumping over 1.45 m on Sunday, this brown stallion, bred from Ludwigs As, cleared both the basic round and jump-off to take fifth place.