Tuesday, 05 March 2019 Dutch Indoor Championships

Hans Peter and Zanardi take the title

On the last weekend in February from February 28th till March 3rd 2019, the Dutch Indoor Dressage Championships took place at the KNHS headquarters in Ermelo.
GLOCK Rider Hans Peter Minderhoud saddled up his grey KWPN stallion Zanardi (son of Rubels) and, with a score of 72.319%, took gold and thus the title “Dutch Indoor Champion 2019”. Silver went to Marlies van Baalen, who presented Ben Johnson, a son of GLOCK’s Johnson TN (71.522%).

“The trot, passages and piaffes were very good indeed”, said Hans Peter Minderhoud, “but he could have been livelier in the canter. We started last December in Madrid, and our next tournament is Den Bosch, so the Championships today were a good opportunity to present Zanardi at a tournament again. For him it’s important that he keeps appearing at tournaments and in the arena, because he can be a bit cheeky and he needs practice. Then again he’s very steady. He’s a stallion and yet you can put him next to 25 mares and he still stays calm.”

Hans Peter also commented on the award ceremonies, into which he no longer rides with Zanardi: “It winds Zanardi up, he rears and is then simply not good to ride at the next tournament. In contrast, a horse like GLOCK’s Dream Boy is completely calm; award ceremonies and clapping don’t bother him.”