Friday, 30 January 2015 CSI3* CSI1* CSIYH1* GHPC

Second CSI1*-victory for Gudrun Pirker!

The season is still young, yet Styrian Gudrun Pirker is already showing absolutely top form at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER. Just as she did at the opening yesterday, so today this fast female rider left her fellow 17 competitors in the CSI1* GLOCK’s Small Tour over 1.15 m behind. With her 16-year-old Swedish warmblood mare Alpenspan Citadelle, she took all the turns with skill, always seeking the first distance and, with a fault-free 50.22 seconds, established an absolute benchmark. “My horse really always gives her best. She makes an effort over every course, fights for me and she’s just a dream.”

Joining in second place was Bernhard Maier from Burgenland with his Danish warmblood stallion Perfect, completing an equally perfect clear round in a rapid 50.31 seconds and thereby delegating Carinthian Birgit Peintner and her Gaspari to third place (0/51.08).

Lining up for Austria in fifth to eleventh places were Silvana Florian with Jake Sully (0/61.33), Katrin Pfingstl (St) in the saddle on La Charite Z (0/67.00), Carmen Buffa (K) on Wasper L (0/70.70), Bettina Bauer (NÖ) on Santiago van de Kapel (4/61.10), Norbert Wiener (W) with Feliciana v. Vliethof (4/63.50), Isabel Starke (K) with Effe (4/66.88) and Dieter Sommerhuber (K) on Cross Light (4/66.88).

Int. show jumping competition according to errors and time, 1.15 m

1. Alpenspan Citadelle - Pirker Gudrun (AUT/St) /50.22 sec
2. Perfect - Maier Bernhard (AUT/B) 0/50.31 sec
3. Gaspari - Peintner Birgit (AUT/K) 0/51.08 sec
4. Pialotta PJ - Simon Ruven (GER) 0/56.24 sec       
5. Jake Sully - Florian Silvana (AUT/St) 0/61.33 sec
6. La Charite Z - Pfingstl  Katrin (AUT/St)  0/67.00 sec       
7. Wasper L - Buffa Carmen (AUT/K))  0/70.70 sec     
8. Santiago van de Kapel - Bauer Bettina (AUT/NÖ) 4/61.10 sec   
9. Feliciana v. Vliethof - Wiener Norbert (AUT/W) 4/63.50 sec       
10.Effe - Starke Isabel (AUT/K) 4/64.65 sec
11.Cross Light - Sommerhuber Dieter (AUT/K) 4/66.88 sec
12.Wulfenia - Balharkova Lucie (CZE)  5/78.37 sec
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Gudrun Pirker (AUT/St) and her Alpenspan Citadelle are regular guests on the award ceremony podium at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER and are pleased to receive congratulations today from Ulrike Payrer and “Fränzchen” Bockholt (GHPC). © GHPC / studiohorst

Alpenspan Citadelle and her rider Gudrun Pirker (AUT/St) really set a cracking pace in GLOCK’s Small Tour once again for a well-deserved win. © Michael Rzepa

Yesterday Bernhard Maier (AUT/B) and Perfect were still in third place, but today the duo managed to gain second place. © Michael Rzepa

Birgit Peintner (AUT/K) on her Gaspari shot to third place in the GLOCK’s Small Tour. © Michael Rzepa