Sunday, 22 February 2015 Gaston Glock's Grand Prix Graz

Michal Kazmierczak (POL) is the winner of the premiere!

Top notch sports performance in a unique atmosphere today at the first Gaston Glock's Grand Prix, Graz. In two qualification events, 44 participating duos were able secure themselves a chance to start in the world-ranking show jumping event, with prize money totalling 61,500 euros, facing the basic course over 1.55 metres. Those wishing to contest the first Gaston Glock's Grand Prix outside the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER in Treffen (K) had to master the 13 obstacles and 16 jumps fault-free in order to qualify for the jump-off.

For many, also from a visual point of view, this Grand Prix meant a completely new challenge, because none of the obstacles were comparable with any from the preceding competitions. The complete GLOCK course, with its own obstacles and specially created flower decorations, had been delivered from Treffen, along with the side fence beaming with the GLOCK Logo and also, for the award ceremony, there was specially composed music, GLOCK cups, GLOCK sashes, a winner’s rug and GLOCK presents for the seeded. A world of wonders for a limited time. The time of the Gaston Glock’s Grand Prix Graz.

Eight duos from seven countries mastered the basic course free of faults, including the two Austrian female riders Stefanie Bistan (NÖ) on Ahmed du Calvaire and Alice Janout (NÖ) on Wodka Lime.

The first rider to enter the decisive round was young Victor Bettendorf from Luxembourg on the nine-year-old stallion Sorbier. The two gave an impressive example and also stayed fault-free in the jump-off. The time to be beaten was 60.77 seconds. Michal Kazmierczak (POL) tackled the challenge, unleashing an amazing round in the saddle of ten-year-old Stakorado (Stakkato Gold x Acorado). He let the Hanoverian gelding sprint forward briskly from the first to the last of the GLOCK obstacles. He always got it right and, at 55.41 seconds, retained the lead to the very end.

Because even Italy’s Fabio Brotto wasn’t able to beat him. With his experienced Oldenburg 15-year old mare R-Gitana, he succeeded in remaining fault-free just like Michal Kazmierczak and Victor Bettendorf. However, he was beaten by the Polish rider in 60.28 seconds.

“It was a fantastic tournament with perfect conditions. The ground was ideal and the horses jumped perfectly every day. I am very happy about this victory.” Michal Kazmierczak in the winner’s interview.

Also impressive were the performances by Alice Janout and Stefanie Bistan. The two riders from Lower Austria delivered two extraordinary jump-off rides. Alice with twelve-year old Wodka Lime even remained double zero, ranking fourth with 62.53 seconds. Stefanie Bistan, and her nine-year old Ahmed du Calvaire lacking international experience, had to accept some tiny errors, ending up on the sixth place.

Gerfried Puck (St) with Bionda (1/74.37) and Jürgen Krackow (S) on Ailonka (4/69.88) managed to secure ninth and twelfth places for Austria.

Int. show jumping with jump-off (1.55 m)

1. Stakorado - Kazmierczak Michal (POL) 0/55.41 in jump-off
2. R-Gitana - Brotto Fabio (ITA) 0/60.28 in jump-off
3. Sorbier Blanc - Bettendorf Victor (LUX) 0/60.77 in jump-off
4. Wodka Lime - Janout Alice (AUT/NÖ) 0/62.53 in jump-off
5. Undercontract - Marschall Marcel (GER) 4/55.61 in jump-off
6. Ahmed du Calvaire - Bistan Stefanie (AUT/NÖ) 4/60.65 in jump-off
7. Zordon - Horvath Balazs (HUN) 8/63.62 in jump-off
8. Colino - Demirsoy Derin (TUR) 21/70.68 in jump-off
9. Bionda - Puck Gerfried (AUT/St) 1/74.37
10.Celano - Renner Rüdiger (GER) 4/67.92
11.Van Schijndel's Valentino - Raijmakers Jr Piet (NED) 4/69.67
12.Ailonka - Krackow Jürgen (AUT/S) 4/69.88
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Michal Kazmierczak (POL), with Stakorado, took the crown of victory in the first Gaston Glock's Grand Prix of Graz. © GHPC / studiohorst

Michal Kazmierczak (POL), winner of the first Gaston Glock's Grand Prix Graz, delighted to receive congratulations from David Tschikof (GHPC) and organiser Josef Göllner. © GHPC / studiohorst

Fabio Brotto (ITA), with R-Gitana, secured second place in Gaston Glock's Grand Prix Graz. © Fotoagentur Dill

Amazing performance from young Victor Bettendorf from Luxembourg. With Sorbier Blanc he achieved third place in Gaston Glock's Grand Prix Graz. © Fotoagentur Dill

Alice Janout (AUT/NÖ) and Wodka Lime delivered the best red-white-red performance in Gaston Glock's Grand Prix Graz with their fourth place. © GHPC / studiohorst

Two young talents on the way up: 23-year-old Stefanie Bistan (AUT/NÖ) and nine-year-old Ahmed du Calvaire took sixth place in Gaston Glock's Grand Prix Graz. © GHPC / studiohorst

Gerfried Puck had a bit of bad luck with Bionda. The man from Styria incurred a time penalty in the basic round of Gaston Glock's Grand Prix Graz. © Fotoagentur Dill

Salzburg’s Jürgen Krackow and Ailonka gained twelfth place in Gaston Glock's Grand Prix Graz. © Fotoagentur Dill

A perfect round and a perfect jump-off too brought victory for Poland’s Michal Kazmierczak and Stakorado in Gaston Glock's Grand Prix Graz. © GHPC / studiohorst