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Eva Bitter shows GLOCK’s perfection!

During the entire final day, the beautiful indoor arena of the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER was very well attended, because spectators didn’t want to miss out on the thrilling decisive moments on the course. In the GLOCK’s 3* Grand Prix, involving prize money totalling 100,000 euros, the stands were packed and the suspense was tangible.

The audience was caught up by the performance of each of the 43 duos from the first to the last of the 13 obstacles and 16 jumps on the basic course as they commiserated with know-downs and cheered penalty-free rides. This selective world-ranking show-jumping event saw only six clear rounds, with especially the narrow vertical fence at obstacle number six and the final oxer number 13 turning out to be sources for errors.

The course was shortened to nine jumps for the jump-off and the six horse-rider duos who qualified for it provided a good deal of suspense. The beaming winner at the end was female rider Eva Bitter. In the saddle of 14-year-old Celle regional stud horse Perigueux, the double German champion and winner of the GLOCK’s 2* Grand Prix 2014 tackled the jump-off perfectly and achieved a clear victory in 42.38 seconds. "First of all, I would like to thank my horse and his groom Sabine. We did some super teamwork”, said the beaming German rider. “I’m extremely proud to be foremost among this top-notch list of participants. It was a fantastic week here. Thank you to the Gaston and Kathrin Glock family!"

With Holger Hetzel, another rider from Germany came to second place. With his Holstein gelding Legioner he crossed the finishing line in 45.26 seconds, pushing Charlotte Mordasini (SWE) on Tiny Toon Semilly to third place in 45.47 seconds. GLOCK rider Gerco Schröder (NED) missed the pedestal by a hair’s breadth in the saddle of the powerfully-jumping GLOCK’s Zaranza and came fourth (4/44.34 in the jump-off).

From an Austrian point of view the result was very pleasing. Christian Rhomberg (V) was able to qualify for the jump-off with Saphyr des Lacs and achieved seventh place. Alice Janout (NÖ) and Wodka Lime got a time-penalty and came eighth. Thomas Frühmann (W) and his 20-year-old The Sixth Sense completed the Austrian package with tenth place.

Int. jumping competition with jump-off 1.55 m
This competition counts for LONGINES Ranking List

1. Perigueux - Bitter, Eva (GER) 0/42.38 jump-off
2. Legioner - Hetzel, Holger (GER) 0/45.26 jump-off
3. Tiny Toon Semilly - Mordasini, Charlotte (SWE) 0/45.47 jump-off
4. GLOCK’s Zaranza - Schröder, Gerco (NED) 4/44.34 jump-off
5. fischerTamarindo - Jung, Michael (GER) 4/46.76 jump-off
6. Ravisante de Pleville - Schoch, Faye (SUI) 8/48.83 jump-off
7. Saphyr des Lacs - Rhomberg, Christian (AUT/V) 10/63.27 jump-off
8. Wodka Lime - Janout, Alice (AUT/NÖ) 1/78.51 round 1
9. Dragon Leon - Cheng, Kenneth (HKG) 4/69.01 round 1
10.The Sixth Sense - Frühmann, Thomas (AUT/W) 4/70.23 round 1
11.Horse Gym’s Balance - Hassmann, Felix (GER) 4/71.18 round 1
12.Cayen van het Hobos - Cox, Karel (BEL) 4/71.61 round 1
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Perigueux and Eva Bitter (GER) were simply unbeatable in the GLOCK’s 3* Grand Prix. © Michael Rzepa

Following an outstanding performance, Holger Hetzel (GER) and his Legioner completed the GLOCK’s 3* Grand Prix in second place. © Michael Rzepa

In the person of Charlotte Mordasini (SWE) accompanied by Tiny Toon Semilly, it was a Swedish duo in third place in the GLOCK’s 3* Grand Prix. © Michael Rzepa

GLOCK Rider Gerco Schröder (NED) and GLOCK’s Zaranza took fourth place today in the GLOCK’s 3* Grand Prix. © Michael Rzepa

Top result for young Christian Rhomberg from Vorarlberg. With Saphyr des Lacs he came seventh in the GLOCK’s 3* Grand Prix. © Michael Rzepa

Alice Janout (NÖ) and Wodka Lime narrowly missed entry to the jump-off, but achieved eighth place nevertheless in the GLOCK’s 3* Grand Prix. © Michael Rzepa

Oldies but Goldies: Thomas Frühmann and his unparalleled The Sixth Sense completed the GLOCK’s 3* Grand Prix in tenth place. © Michael Rzepa

The beaming and well-deserved winner of GLOCK’s 3* Grand Prix 2016 is Eva Bitter (GER) on Perigueux. The mayor of Treffen, Klaus Glanznig, Frau KR Ingeborg Unzeitig (GHPC) and Franz-Peter Bockholt (Sports Director GHPC) offered their congratulations. © GHPC / studiohorst