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Gianni Govoni remaining unmatched in the GHPC

At stake was a total of 26,000 euros of prize money in the CSI3* GLOCK's Perfection Tour, closing day 3 of the International Show Jumping at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER. Twenty nine rider-horse duos were on the top-notch starting list for this world-ranking show-jumping test over 1.55 m. All those who had remained penalty-free in the first round were allowed to start in the second round, thus qualifying to compete for victory. Today there was already an enthusiastic audience totally filling the grandstands of GHPC Austria and each participating duo was welcomed to the arena with hearty applause.

In the end, no less than 15 starters succeeded in qualifying for the decisive run. As the first rider, Austria’s Julia Houtzager-Kayser (T) offered a clear round with Sterrehof's Cayetano Z, placing following riders under quite some pressure. Eight of them didn’t manage to beat her penalty-free round in 46.23 seconds.

But then there was Gianni Govoni. In December 2016 the Italian rider won the Gaston Glock's Grand Prix Salzburg and, this weekend at the GHPC, he was already able to win two tests in the CSI3* GLOCK's Perfection Tour. With his substantially built KWPN gelding Antonio, the 49-year-old rider seemed to have been able to just find the right mix between risk and caution, cantering over the finishing line after 43.36 seconds. “Antonio is a very special horse, he has his own special routine. We’re always aiming to keep him in a relaxed state, because he tends to be a bit fiery and impatient,” says the now three-time winner of the GLOCK's Perfection Tour. “His potential seems limitless, but he has got his very own style. We will certainly try our best again to be amongst the leaders at tomorrow’s GLOCK's 3* Grand Prix.”

Even Werner Muff (SUI) with his just-nine-year-old Contendro son Cosby, wasn’t able to match Gianni Govoni’s time and thus the experienced Swiss rider came second in exactly 46 seconds. In addition to Julia Houtzager-Kayser who came third, Gerfried Puck (St) also made it to the second round for Austria. With his KWPN mare Bo he came ninth (4/46.48).

Int. standard competition over two rounds and 1.55 m
This test counts towards LONGINES ranking
Second qualification GLOCK's 3* Grand Prix

1. Antonio - Govoni, Gianni (ITA) 0/43.36 round 2
2. Cosby - Muff, Werner (SUI) 0/46.00 round 2
3. Sterrehof's Cayetano Z - Houtzager-Kayser, Julia (AUT/T) 0/46.23 round 2
4. Quirex - Hanley, Cameron (IRL) 0/52.14 round 2
5. Corporal VDL - Vrieling, Jur (NED) 4/44.01 round 2
6. Balou Rubin R - Schwizer, Pius (SUI) 4/45.12 round 2
7. Checkers - Lill, Maximilian (GER) 4/45.66 round 2
8. Sterrehof's Calimero - Houtzager, Marc (NED) 4/46.29 round 2
9. Bo - Puck, Gerfried (AUT/St) 4/46.48 round 2
10.Connelly 2 - Bruggink, Gert Jan (NED) 4/46.72 round 2
11.Sea Coast Atlantic - Patteet, Gudrun (BEL) 4/47.00 round 2
12.Flinstone van'T Eigenlo - Cox, Karel (BEL) 8/47.14 round 2
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In the second qualification for the GLOCK's 3* Grand Prix, Gianni Govoni (ITA) managed to get his third victory this weekend, happily receiving congratulations from Maximilian Linder (mayor of Afritz). © Michael Rzepa

Unbeatable team: Gianni Govoni (ITA) and Antonio winning the CSI3* GLOCK's Perfection Tour over 1.55 m. © Michael Rzepa

Werner Muff (SUI) and Cosby came second in the CSI3* GLOCK's Perfection Tour over 1.55 m. © Michael Rzepa

Great performance for Austria from Julia Houtzager-Kayser (T), coming third in the CSI3* GLOCK's Perfection Tour (1.55 m) with Sterrehof's Cayetano Z. © Michael Rzepa

Austrian rider Gerfried Puck (St) coming ninth with Bo in the CSI3* GLOCK's Perfection Tour (1.55 m). © Michael Rzepa