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GLOCK’s Youngster Tour victory for Maximilian Schmid at a tearing pace

Rounding off the second day of International Show Jumping at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER, once again the arena was taken over by talented, young horses. Today’s GLOCK’s Youngster Tour saw the seven-year-old horses taking on show jumping in two phases over 1.30 m, whilst the eight-year-old youngsters had to master the same course, albeit over 1.35 m. Not only did this leave space for cantering, but it also offered opportunities for tight turns. Young Maximilian Schmid from Bavaria, with his eight-year-old Holstein gelding Cocolino, knew exactly how to exploit both aspects.

Bred from Cayado x Lavall, his bay horse demonstrated both agility and caution, taking victory in a penalty-free 34.77 seconds in the GLOCK’s Youngster Tour. “Cocolino isn’t the biggest physically, nevertheless he has a very good canter. Sometimes he can be a little shy on the course, so that’s why I rode more forwards today. He certainly has a lot of qualities and doesn’t want to make mistakes”, were the victor’s words of praise for his star youngster.

The second-placed duo were narrowly beaten. Tobias Meyer (GER) and his Holstein stallion, Over The Top (from Numero Uno), also eight years old, crossed the line in 34.92 seconds. Karel Cox (BEL) and Clintissima van Spalbeek Z lined up in third place, with a similarly close time of 34.98 seconds. Best-placed Austrian was Gerfried Puck (St) once again, who took fifth place on KWPN stallion Elroyal (0/35.14).

02 CSIYH1* GLOCK’s Youngster Tour
Int. two-phase show jumping test over 1.30/1.35 m

1. Cocolino - Schmid, Maximilian (GER) 0/34.77 phase 2
2. Over The Top - Meyer, Tobias (GER) 0/34.92 phase 2
3. Clintissima van Spalbeek Z - Cox, Karel (BEL) 0/34.98 phase 2
4. Firefly H - Gulliksen, Victoria (NOR) 0/35.12 phase 2
5. Elroyal - Puck, Gerfried (AUT/St) 0/35.14 phase 2
6. Escoffier - Muff, Werner (SUI) 0/36.02 phase 2
7. Luziana - Haselbekke, Bart (NED) 0/36.65 phase 2
8. Jasmien v. Bisschop - Ekberg, Jonna (SWE) 0/36.82 phase 2
9. Larocco - Lill, Maximilian (GER) 0/37.46 phase 2
10.Carressa Z - Crotta, Fabio (SUI) 0/41.45 phase 2
11.Alcapone Des Carmille - Ryan, Thomas (IRL) 0/41.68 phase 2
12.Cosmic Love - Houtzager-Kayser, Julia (AUT/T) 0/42.39 phase 2
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Today’s GLOCK’s Youngster Tour winners: Cocolino under Maximilian Schmid (GER). © Nini Schäbel

With Cocolino, Maximilan Schmid (GER) has a very promising horse for the future. © Nini Schäbel

Over The Top, under Tobias Meyer (GER), jumped to second place in the GLOCK’s Youngster Tour. © Michael Rzepa

Karel Cox (BEL), with Zangersheide mare Clintissima Z, secured third place in the GLOCK’s Youngster Tour. © Michael Rzepa

Elroyal and Gerfried Puck (St) delivered the best Austrian result with fifth place in the GLOCK’s Youngster Tour. © Michael Rzepa