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The GLOCK’s Youngster Tour winner is called Dior P Z

Twenty talented youngster horses aged seven to eight made their big debuts in the late afternoon today at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER. The GLOCK’s Youngster Tour course over 1.30/1.35 m could be ridden smoothly and was an ideal introductory experience for the future stars at this four-day event. Thirteen rider-horse duos remained penalty-free, a result that underlined the quality of these four-legged youngsters.

Ultimately truly a “front runner”, Dutch-raised Dior P Z., the just seven-year-old son of Diarado ridden by 19-year-old Sanne Thijssen (NED), made a magnificent impression and cantered to the line in just 61.67 seconds. “He’s a fantastic horse and I’m really happy with that great round!”, that was her praise for her horse at the winner’s interview.

Lining up in second place was the talented eight-year-old Selle Francaise mare Aladina du Val Henry. Currently number 13 in the world, Swiss top-rider Martin Fuchs had piloted this daughter of Lando over the 13 jumps in 63.48 seconds.

Third place (0/63.67) remained the reserve of Dutch breeding once again in the form of seven-year-old mare Glamour (Numero Uno x Iroko), presented by Sjaak Sleiderink (NED).

Eight-year-old Mevisto’s Corwinni (Winningmood van de Arenbe x Corrado II) and his rider Roland Englbrecht (OÖ) represented Austria in fifth place. Having recently reached the age of seven and bred from Mylord Carthago, Bingo du Parc, ridden by Gerfried Puck (ST), took tenth place in GLOCK’s Youngster Tour.

01 CSIYH1* GLOCK’s Youngster Tour
Int. standard jumping competition 1.30/1.35 m

1. Dior P Z - Thijssen, Sanne (NED) 0/61.67  
2. Aladina du Val Henry - Fuchs, Martin (SUI) 0/63.48  
3. Glamour - Sleiderink, Sjaak (NED) 0/63.67  
4. Novita Jovial Z - Renwick, Laura (GBR) 0/64.06  
5. Mevisto’s Corwinni - Englbrecht, Roland (AUT/OÖ) 0/66.50  
6. Sandra Blue - Ludwiczak, Krzysztof POL) 0/71.23  
7. Chabala - Bruggink, Gert Jan (NED) 0/73.30  
8. Colincor - Kutscher, Marco (GER) 0/74.26  
9. Kirby de Muze - Skollerud, Marit Haarr (NOR) 0/74.36  
10. Bingo du Parc - Puck, Gerfried (AUT/ST) 0/75.26   
11. King Kong d’Avifauna - Vermeir, Wilm (BEL) 0/75.96  
12. Marco V - Schröder, Ben (NED) 0/77.49  
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What: International Show Jumping
When: 01–04/02/2018
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Presented by Sanne Thijssen (NED), Dior P Z was best youngster horse in GLOCK’s Youngster Tour today, Thursday (01/02/2018). © Nini Schäbel

Just seven years old, Dior PZ jumped under Sanne Thijssen (NED) to victory in the GLOCK’s Youngster Tour. © Michael Rzepa

Martin Fuchs (SUI) piloted eight-year-old Aladina du Val Henry to second place in the GLOCK’s Youngster Tour. © Michael Rzepa

For Glamour, promising daughter of Numero Uno, and her rider Sjaak Sleiderink (NED), it was an opportunity to celebrate third place in GLOCK’s Youngster Tour. © Michael Rzepa