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Bravo Lily! Maximum points and a second GLOCK’s 2* Tour victory

For 42 duos starting in the GLOCK’s 2* Tour today (Saturday, 02/02/2019), ahead lay an accumulator with joker over 1.40 m and prize money totalling 10,500 euros. Those who remained penalty-free were to gain a total of 65 points, which was achieved by 17 duos.

Victory in a time of 45.03 seconds went to just 16-year-old Lily Freeman-Attwood, who has already gained plenty of experience in international arenas, achieving a silver medal at the Pony European Championships 2017 and success in the 2016 European Children Championships (individual 7th place and team 4th place). “It’s such an unbelievably fantastic tournament here. My horse jumped superbly. He’s simply my best teacher and I’m so grateful for this horse”, said the beaming young British rider at the official award ceremony.

This was the first time this 16-year-old had come to start at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER Austria, and she saddled up her nine-year-old Belgian gelding Karibou Horta. With her magnificent performance, she pushed Benjamin Wulschner (GER), riding his 12-year-old Oldenburg mare, Bangkok Girl PP, into second place (65 points/45.29).

Taking third place was the winner of Friday’s GLOCK’s CSI2* Tour, Willi Fischer. This rider from Upper Austria, with his experienced Holstein, Colmar 2, cantered over the line penalty-free in 46.78 seconds.

Rounding off the successes for Austria were three more red-white-red placings for Christoph Nothegger (T) with Twilight 2 in fifth place (65 points/47.80) and Katharina Schiller (NÖ) with her horses Robert Heinrich Kvo and Siobhan Dream of Diamond in seventh and twelfth places respectively.

02 CSI2* GLOCK’s 2* Tour
Int. accumulator with one joker (1.40m)

1. Karibou Horta - Lily Freeman-Attwood (GBR) 65/45.03
2. Bangkok Girl PP - Benjamin Wulschner (GER) 65/45.29
3. Colmar 2 - Willi Fischer (AUT/OÖ) 65/46.78
4. Froukittaire - Joy Lammers (NED) 65/47.32
5. Twilight 2 - Christoph Nothegger (AUT/T) 65/47.80
6. Luce Luce - Simone Coata (ITA) 65/47.98
7. Robert Heinrich Kvo - Katharina Schiller (AUT/NÖ) 65/48.75
8. Belanda - Leonie Peeters (BEL) 65/48.94
9. Claricella - Anna Carway (IRL) 65/49.06
10. Carpe Diem DV Z - Caroline Poels-Devos (NED) 65/49.65
11. Julyssi van Orti - Caroline Poels-Devos (NED) 65/49.86
12. Siobhan Dream Of Diamond - Katharina Schiller (AUT/NÖ) 65/50.13
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What: International Show Jumping
When: 01–03/02/2019
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There was a beautiful GLOCK winner’s trophy for just 16-year-old Lily Freeman-Attwood (GBR) in the GLOCK’s 2* Tour. © Nini Schäbel

The just 16-year-old Lily Freeman-Attwood (GBR) and Karibou Horta won the accumulator magnificently with one joker (GLOCK's 2* Tour) on Saturday. © Arnd Bronkhorst

Second place in the GLOCK’s 2* Tour for Benjamin Wulschner (GER) and Bangkok Girl PP. © Arnd Bronkhorst

Third place for Austria! Willi Fischer (OÖ) and Colmar 2 delivered a fantastic round in the GLOCK’s 2* Tour on day 02 of International Show Jumping at GHPC Austria. © Arnd Bronkhorst