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On the home straight to the European championships and Olympics

Those actively participating in show jumping internationally really are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting tournaments. Because around the world, practically every weekend there are top events on offer with generous prize purses. But what criteria do the professionals use to decide where to make the journey with their four-legged partners? Perfectly clear: the most prized are those events with good prizes and as many competitions as possible that count towards the World Ranking list. If it’s also possible to qualify for championships at these tournaments, then the run on starting places is all the greater.

At CSI5* International Show Jumping at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER Austria from June 14th till 16th 2019, all of these factors are in play and, for the professionals, the incentive to go to the starting line here is correspondingly compelling.

Five chances for points
Alongside the prize money totalling 597,000 euros, at the GHPC Austria it’s also about those very important points for the Longines World Ranking, at stake in five competitions. Getting hold of these is a high-priority objective for the athletes. Because only those who contest the top positions in the World Ranking list get invited to the top events around the world. Only there can the majority of points be collected.

The events are allocated by the International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI) to one of eight ranking groups. In each of these groups there are different points schemes. The higher the tournament class, the more World Ranking points are awarded. Alongside the category, prize money also plays a decisive role. For example, if a competition carries a prize purse of at least 25,000 euros, this falls into the lowest regular ranking group D, in which the winner earns 50 points. In the highest regular ranking group AA, at least 273,000 euros of prize money must be allocated to a competition and the course must run over 1.60 m. In return, the winner can look forward to 150 points for the World Ranking list. So, with prizes totalling 344,000 euros in the GLOCK’s 5* Grand Prix, the maximum is at stake and the struggle for victory will be correspondingly thrilling!

Opportunity to qualify for European Championships and Olympic Games
The results in GLOCK’s 5* Grand Prix will also be of the greatest importance for the 2019 European Championships in Rotterdam and the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, because this international competition over 1.60 m counts as a qualification competition for both championships. Just 26 venues have been selected worldwide for five-star events serving as trials for the European Championships, and just fifty five-star events as trials for the Olympic Games. Thanks to the outstanding conditions it offers both riders and horses, the GHPC Austria counts once again among these elite events.

From GLOCK’s 5* Grand Prix to Rotterdam and Tokyo

To earn a chance at one of the hotly-contested starting places in the 2019 European Championships in Rotterdam and the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, it will be necessary to finish the first round of GLOCK’s 5* Grand Prix with no more than eight penalty points. This is the minimum requirement to receive a so-called “Certificate of Capability” for participation in the European Championships. The better the result, the more likely the athletes will be considered favourably by their chefs d’équipe. As to who will secure one of the tickets to the championships – that remains to be seen. But one thing is certain: Victory in GLOCK’s 5* Grand Prix at GHPC Austria is guaranteed to raise the odds!

International Show Jumping
When: 14-16/06/2019
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Whether at the Olympic Games, World or European Championships, the successful Dutchman Marc Houtzager has taken part in all championships. The importance of tournaments with opportunities for World Ranking Points is something this experienced show jumping rider knows perfectly well. © Cedric Vlemmings

Austria’s Max Kühner is currently not only the best red-white-red show jumper in the World Ranking, but also among the top 20 show jumpers in the world. Through a steady series of successes, this Tyrolean has actually already achieved the qualification criteria for the 2019 European Championships in Rotterdam. © Cedric Vlemmings