Saturday, 13 December 2014 Gaston Glock's Championat Salzburg

Amy Graham from 'Down Under' is on top in the Gaston Glock's Championat Salzburg!

A whole new challenge awaited the 41 competitors of the Gaston Glock’s Championat Salzburg on Saturday evening. Shortly after 5pm the Salzburgarena transformed into a whole new world for the world ranking class that was endowed with 60.000 Euros. The world of GLOCK perfection.

None of the obstacles were like those on previous competitons and none will be like them again. The complete GLOCK course with exclusive jumps and specially created GLOCK floral displays was brought from Treffen, the ring was decorated with the GLOCK logo and at the victory ceremony there was music especially composed by Joost Peters, GLOCK trophies, GLOCK rosettes, a GLOCK winner’s rug and GLOCK gifts for those placed. A magical atmosphere just for a short time, for Gaston Glock’s Championat Salzburg.

41 international top riders were competing in the sold out Salzburgarena in the 1,55 m high and very selective course – and they were not willing to give the victory away! After an exciting first round five competitors from Great Britain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia and Germany went through to the final jump off.

In the jump-off, the riders had to give their everything, because without high speed, tight turns and the dare to take risks a victory was completely impossible. Amy Graham (AUS) realized that as well. The winner of the first qualification to the Grand Prix (Fr) risked a lot with her 13 year-old number one horse Bella Baloubet and let the grey stallion canter pretty quickly and secured her victory in the Gaston Glock’s Championat Salzburg with the phenomenal time of 37,85 seconds. Amy Graham follows in the footsteps of Max Kühner and is the second Australian rider after Jamie Kermond (he won the MAGNA RACINO stage) who won the Gaston Glock’s Championat.

“I am very proud of my horse. He is getting more and more consistant and it is a great pleasure for me to be here”, said a smiling Amy Graham in the interview with Christian Clerici during the price giving.

The second place was also taken by a female rider. Jessica Mendoza (GBR) and Spirit T who jumped fantastically finished in 38,54 seconds and pushed the dutch Olympic silver medallist Marc Houtzager and his eight year-old KWPN gelding Baccarat to third place (0/39,55).

Prize of Family Gaston and Kathrin Glock
Int. jumping competition with jump-off 1.55 m
2nd Qualification Grand Prix
Competition counts for the LONGINES RANKINGS

1. Bella Baloubet - Graham Amy (AUS) 0/37.85 sec im Stechen
2. Spirit T - Mendoza Jessica (GBR) 0/38.54 sec im Stechen
3. Baccarat - Houtzager Marc (NED) 0/39.55 sec im Stechen
4. Colorit - Will David (GER) 4/40.34 sec im Stechen
5. Camilla IX - Schmid Adrian (SUI) 4/44.50 sec im Stechen
6. Caleri II - Zelinkova Zuzana (CZE) 1/71.14 sec
7. Cayenne Wz - Haßmann Felix (GER) 4/64.13 sec
8. Coeur de Lion - Kühner Max (GER) 4/64.52 sec
9. Cosimo - Belova Natalia (RUS) 4/64.76 sec
10.Nabab de Revel - Nieberg Lars (GER) 4/65.67 sec
11. Mcb Ulke - Bruggink, Gert-Jan (NED) 4 /65.97 sec
12.Dakota - Said Abdel (EGY) 4/66.18 sec

The winner of the Gaston Glock’s Championat Salzburg: Amy Graham (AUS) and Bella Baloubet! © Nini Schäbel

The festive prize giving ceremony of the Gaston Glock’s Championat Salzburg with the groom of Amy Graham’s horses, announcer Christian Clerici, winner Amy Graham on Bella Baloubet, David Tschikof (GHPC) and organizer Josef Göllner. © studiohorst / GHPC

Amy Graham (AUS) and Bella Baloubet on their lap of honour in the Gaston Glock's Championat Salzburg. © studiohorst / GHPC

Jessica Mendoza (GBR) and Spirit T who jumped brilliantly came second. © Nini Schäbel

The third place went to Olympic silver medallist of London Marc Houtzager (NED) on Baccarat. © Nini Schäbel

An unlucky fault at the first obstacle meant the 13th place for Thomas Frühmann and The Sixth Sense. © Nini Schäbel