Sunday, 01 February 2015 CSIYH1* GLOCK´s Youngster Tour Final

Cynar V. under Martin Fuchs is the outstanding final victor in the GLOCK’s Youngster Tour!

The great final day at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER was opened today by 30 seven and eight-year-old ‘youngster’ horses. The GLOCK’s Youngster Finale over 1.35 m featured a basic round leading over twelve obstacles and 15 jumps. Only those remaining fault-free here could contest victory in the jump-off. Fourteen duos made the draw for the final and delivered a truly thrilling finish! But it wasn’t only time that was a critical factor. The huge oxer at the finish turned out to be quite a cliff and was to cost many a contestant a top placing.

For one of them, these challenges were no problem. Young Martin Fuchs from Switzerland piloted eight-year-old Cynar V., progeny of Clarimo x Alcatraz, skilfully around the course, produced a sensational finish on the last jump and secured victory in a fault-free 32.32 seconds.

"This is already my fifth 'Sunday win' at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER. Cynar really is an exceptional horse with very good anticipation. My hope now is that we might be standing here again for a winner’s interview this afternoon after the GLOCK’s CSI3* Grand Prix", said Martin Fuchs with a mischievous smile.

This gold medal winner in the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore pushed Friday’s winning duo, Alex Duffy (IRL) and Dancing Queen Z, into second place. His seven-year-old Zangersheide mare (Dulf Van De Bisschop x Quintessence Z) was a delight to watch, not only because of her outstanding technique but also her speed, at just 34.02 seconds.

Tina de l'Yserand (Allegreto x Quiniou) under Pius Schwizer (SUI) also showed her great potential, completing an immaculate, dream round in 34.07 seconds to take third place.

Max Kühner (AUT/T) and eight-year-old Holsteiner Cielito Lindo managed a double clear round in 35.36 seconds for fifth place. Stefanie Bistan (AUT/NÖ) in the saddle on Campino 457 picked up a fault on an obstacle in the jump-off, but their time of 39.88 seconds was plenty for eighth place. Markus Saurugg (AUT/St) and Spirit 31 achieved the very good time of 33.77 seconds in the jump-off and so, despite two knockdowns, made twelfth place.

Int. show jumping competition with jump-off, 1.35 m

1. Cynar V. - Fuchs Martin (SUI) 0/32.32 sec
2. Dancing Queen Z - Duffy Alex (IRL) 0/34.02 sec  
3. Tina de l'Yserand - Schwizer Pius (SUI) 0/34.07 sec  
4. Quadros - Kutscher Marco (GER) 0/34.32 sec  
5. Cielito Lindo - Kühner Max (AUT/T) 0/35.36 sec  
6. Idealist v.d.Molendreef - Mallat Maiju (FIN) 0/39.63 sec  
7. Cheese W Z - Allen Bertram (IRL) 4/34.51 sec
8. Cantini Della Caccia - Estermann Paul (SUI) 4/35.14 sec  
9. Dino - Kontio Anna-Julia (FIN) 4/36.14 sec  
10.Fuerst Willi - Hassmann Felix (GER) 4/36.76 sec
11.Campino 457 - Bistan Stefanie (AUT/NÖ) 4/39.88 sec  
12.Spirit 31 - Saurugg Markus (AUT/St) 8/33.77 sec
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Martin Fuchs (SUI) and Cynar V. certainly didn’t hang about in the GLOCK’s Youngster Tour Finale and deserved their win. © Michael Rzepa

Dancing Queen Z under rider Alex Duffy (IRL) caught people’s attention more than once this weekend and today achieved second place in GLOCK’s Youngster Tour Finale. © Michael Rzepa

Tina de l'Yserand under Pius Schwizer (SUI) was a delight today in the GLOCK’s Youngster Tour Finale and gained third place. © Michael Rzepa

Cielito Lindo under Max Kühner (AUT/T) showed his class in the GLOCK’s Youngster Tour Finale and scored 5th place. © Michael Rzepa

Stefanie Bistan (AUT/NÖ) and Campino 457 in the GLOCK’s Youngster Tour Finale were delighted with eleventh place. © Michael Rzepa

Markus Saurugg (AUT/St) with Spirit secured twelfth place in the GLOCK’s Youngster Tour Finale. © Michael Rzepa

Cynar V. is one of the greatest hopes for the future for Martin Fuchs (SUI). Franz-Peter Bockholt (Sports Director GHPC) and Ulrike Payrer (GHPC) congratulate him on his great horse and victory in the GLOCK’s Youngster Tour Finale. © GHPC / studiohorst