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Markus Saurugg wins the CSI3* Opening!

No fewer than 86 top-class duos went to the start line today in GLOCK’s CSI3* Opening show jumping event. The course over 1.40 m, designed by Frank Rothenberger (GER), prompted riders to a lively preliminary canter at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER indoor tournament arena. They all  aimed for the pace, but there was one who couldn’t be beaten.

Styrian Markus Saurugg proved that the still only eight-year-old Holsteiner mare Zita 94 (Stakkato x Carthago) had risen from being 'Queen of Young Horses' to become a magnificent CSI3* winner, gaining victory in 55.72 seconds. "She’s a very special horse and I offer my thanks to her breeders, the Kriegler family, for allowing me to ride her", said a very happy Markus Saurugg at the winner’s interview.

Just as free of faults as Markus Saurugg but around one second slower was second-placed Wilm Vermeir (BEL) in the saddle on the nine-year-old Gentiane de la Pomme (0/56.80). Third place went to Hugo Simon, another Styrian. This evergreen guided C T, his eleven-year-old progeny of Casall, through the course in 57.72 seconds without faults.

Iris Murray (NÖ) with Qui Doo achieved 16th place (0/64.26), Hugo Simon with his second horse Freddy 7 made 19th place (0/65.35) and Vorarlberg’s Monika Niederländer completed the Austrians’ strong showing with Cornet 2 and 22nd place (0/68.09).
10 - GLOCK's CSI3* Opening Competition
Int. show jumping competition according to errors and time, 1.40 m

1. Zita 94 - Saurugg Markus (AUT/St) 0/55.72 sec
2. Gentiane de la Pomme - Vermeir Wilm (BEL) 0/56.80 sec
3. C T - Simon Hugo (AUT/St) 0/57.72 sec  
4. Rabane de Sury - Karaevli Omer (TUR) 0/57.89 sec  
5. Domingo - Bruynseels Niels (BEL) 0/58.19 sec  
6. French Coffee - Garofalo Giampiero (ITA) 0/58.93 sec
7. Galileo 139 - Gaudiano Emanuele (ITA) 0/59.03 sec
8. Horse Gym's Quali Quanti - Hassmann Felix (GER) 0/59.20 sec
9. Caesario 6 - Garofalo Giampiero (ITA) 0/59.84 sec  
10.Sportsmann S - Jung Michael (GER) 0/61.01 sec
11.High Valley - Duffy Alex (IRL) 0/61.74 sec  
12.SL Brazonado - Hassmann Felix (GER) 0/62.04 sec  
13.Hermes SV - Lickhammer Erika (SWE) 0/62.46 sec
14.Heartwinner v.Gurbrue CH - Duguet Romain (SUI) 0/62.73 sec  
15.Chaccorina - Kutscher Marco (GER) 0/63.70 sec  
16.Qui Doo - Murray Iris (AUT/NÖ) 0/64.26 sec  
17.Connelly 2 - Bruggink Gert Jan (NED) 0/64.50 sec  
18.Zantos II - Whitaker Robert (GBR) 0/64.69 sec
19.Freddy 7 - Simon Hugo (AUT/St)) 0/65.35 sec  
20.Check me out - Hetzel Holger (GER) 0/66.00 sec  
21.Quarterman 5 - Mallat Maiju (FIN) 0/67.69 sec
22.Cornet 2 - Niederländer Monika (AUT/V) 0/68.09 sec
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With complete élan to victory! Markus Saurugg (AUT/St) and Zita 94 on the course at GLOCK’s CSI3* Opening. © Michael Rzepa

Wilm Vermeir (BEL) with Gentiane de la Pomme rode magnificently to second place in GLOCK's CSI3* Opening. © Michael Rzepa

Aged over seventy and evidently still having plenty of fun. Hugo Simon (AUT/St) and C T on the way to third place in GLOCK’s CSI3* Opening. © Michael Rzepa

Markus Saurugg (AUT/St) beaming with pleasure at the glittering performance of his self-trained Zita 94 in GLOCK’s CSI3* Opening. © GHPC / studiohorst