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Tina de l’Yserand is the queen of the GLOCK’s Youngster Tour

Their eligibility for a top placing was something that Pius Schwizer and Tina de l’Yserand had already proven twice this weekend. Following their victory on Thursday and second place on Friday, Olympic bronze winner Pius Schwizer and his 8-year-old mare secured a magnificent victory in the 16-way jump-off of today’s final of the GLOCK’s Youngster Tour over 1.40 m. Already on Thursday, Pius was singing the praises of this mare bred in France, the progeny of Allegreto x Quiniou, for which he has great plans: "Now we can really get started. The competition was very strong here and I’m delighted that she put on such a good show. She will continue to be trained up with appropriate care and this horse has definitely got a great future!"

He comes from Holstein breeding and has the blood of famous gene donor Cassini II in his veins. Today, eight-year-old Cassini’s Angel showed his potential under the Germany-based Swedish rider Henrik von Eckermann, jumping to second place in the final of the GLOCK’s Youngster Tour (0/37.78). Also penalty-free was fischerDaily Impressed in his final course under eventing Olympic winner, world and European champion Michael Jung (GER). In the end, a time of 38.58 seconds meant third place.

Int. jumping competition with jump-off 1.40 m

1. Tina de l’Yserand - Schwizer, Pius (SUI) 0/37.66 jump-off
2. Cassini’s Angel - von Eckermann, Henrik (SWE) 0/37.78 jump-off
3. fischerDaily Impressed - Jung, Michael (GER) 0/38.58 jump-off
4. Curtis Sitte - Estermann, Paul (SUI) 0/38.99 jump-off
5. Iluna - de Luca, Lorenzo (ITA) 0/40.54 jump-off
6. Chilli Willi - Philippaerts, Nicola (BEL) 0/0.59 jump-off
7. Quadros 3 - Kutscher, Marco (GER) 0/42.19 jump-off
8. Victer Finn Dh Z - Verlooy, Jos (BEL) 0/42.22 jump-off
9. Calanta - Greve, Willem (NED) 0/42.33 jump-off
10.Casparo 26 - Bruggink, Gert-Jan (NED) 0/42.59 jump-off
11.AD den Ham Blue R - de Miranda, Doda (BRA) 0/43.82 jump-off
12.Up Des Chaines - Kessler, Reed (USA) 0/44.16 jump-off
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A horse with a great future: Tina de l’Yserand under Pius Schwizer (SUI). © Michael Rzepa

Henrik von Eckermann (SWE) came second in the GLOCK’s Youngster Tour Finale with Cassini’s Angel. © Michael Rzepa

Third place in the GLOCK’s Youngster Tour Finale went to fischerDaily Impressed and Michael Jung (GER). © Michael Rzepa

Franz-Peter Bockholt (Sports Director GHPC) congratulates Pius Schwizer (SUI) on his victory in the GLOCK’s Youngster Tour Final with Tina de l’Yserand. © GHPC / studiohorst