Thursday, 09 April 2015 Team GLOCK

Welcome GLOCK’s Champion Ludwig

“He’s got a lot of capacity and a substantial amount of energy. Just perfect for a rising star in the show-jumping arena!” was GLOCK Rider Gerco Schroeder’s happy comment, having this very afternoon taken a new GLOCK crack into his stables. GLOCK’s Champion Ludwig!

Gerco already knew this powerfully jumping, eight-year-old KWPN stallion descended from Ludwig’s As x Karandasj, from the time when, shortly before turning six, he came to Eurocommerce where he was presented in the arena by Belgian rider Annelies Vorsselmans. In 2014 Gerco took over the reins of the now seven-year-old talent. “He still has little experience in tournaments because, due to the circumstances, we mainly trained him at home. He is very ambitious, has good blood and a fantastic attitude. I am very happy that the Gaston and Kathrin Glock family bought him at auction today! This long period, during which we didn’t know how things would turn out for him, was hard for me and the auction today was very exciting. But, thanks to the Glock family, dreams come true! ‘Ludwig’ is allowed to stay here with us in Tubbergen and we have another dream horse for the future in the GLOCK Team!”

In their new GLOCK outfit: Gerco and GLOCK’s Champion Ludwig. © GHPC

As of today it’s reality! GLOCK Rider Gerco Schroeder and GLOCK’s Champion Ludwig belong together! © GHPC