Saturday, 30 January 2016 CSI3* CSI1* CSIYH1* GHPC

With a full score to GLOCK’s Medium Tour victory

Today the 22 duos participating in the CSI1* GLOCK’s Medium Tour entered an accumulator competition with joker over 1.30 m. Any remaining penalty-free would qualify for a score of 65, and eight duos succeeded. Celine Bradt (BEL) took nine-year-old KWPN gelding Cesar Franck over the finishing line in 48.42 seconds, thereby delivering the best result. "I really didn’t reckon with this”, said the 19-year-old rider. "Tomorrow in the final I would just like to deliver a good and hopefully penalty-free round."

Christian Juza (AUT/S), who came second in the saddle of the similarly nine-year-old daughter of Lupicor, Lena 490, was beaten by only 47 hundredths of a second. As yesterday, third place went to Lower Austrian rider Valerie Wick on Gijon van den Hunsberg in 50.12 seconds.

Int. jumping competition accumulator with joker 1.30 m

1. Cesar Franck - Bradt, Celine (BEL) 65/48.42
2. Lena 490 - Juza, Christian (AUT/S) 65/48.89
3. Gijon van den Hunsberg - Wick, Valerie (AUT/NÖ) 65/50.12
4. Dorus - Haselbekke, Bart (NED) 65/50.33
5. Cabalou - Meinhart, Ute Antonie (AUT/S) 65/50.94
6. SIEC Castillo - Goess-Saurau, Josefina (AUT/B) 65/51.12
7. Takuma T - Schrot, Rosa (AUT/OÖ) 65/51.49
8. Surprise G - Gierlinger, Franz (GER) 65/57.30
9. Levisto’s Loverboy - Wulff, Lesley (GER) 61/62.67
10.Risky Fun - Zaccaria, Matteo (ITA) 60/58.80
11.Cuela - Pfingstl, Katrin (AUT/St) 58/73.10
12.Douglas Delight - Barbour, Nina (GBR) 56/50.88
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Cesar Franck under Celine Bradt (BEL) jumped to victory in the CSI1* GLOCK’s Medium Tour. © Michael Rzepa

Great performance! Christian Juza (AUT/S) and Lena 490 came second in the CSI1* GLOCK’s Medium Tour. © Michael Rzepa

Valerie Wick (AUT/NÖ) and Gijon van den Hunsberg rode for the second time to a third place in the CSI1* GLOCK’s Medium Tour. © Michael Rzepa

Celine Bradt (BEL) was delighted to receive the CSI1* GLOCK’s Medium Tour winner’s trophy. © GHPC / studiohorst