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Johanna Sixt wins the GLOCK’s Medium Tour

Today at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER it was time once again to go hunting for points. Awaiting the 18 participants in the CSI1* GLOCK’s Medium Tour was a points accumulator with one joker over 1.30 m. Precisely ten of them remained penalty-free over all obstacles including the lofty joker jump, achieving all 65 points as a result. With a time of 44.65 seconds, Johanna Sixt (AUT/B) was clearly the fastest and, with her 12-year-old mare Koh I Noor, took victory. The goal for tomorrow’s final? “Koh I Noor and I will simply give it our best shot once again and let’s see what happens”, was the self-effacing response by the 18-year-old from Burgenland in the winner’s interview.

In second place was just-seven-year-old Feline Hbc, ridden by Amber Meijer (NED), achieving 65 points in a time of 45.85 seconds. In third place was Celine Bradt (BEL) on Iris (65/46.82). Three more placings for Austria were taken by Christian Juza (S), Benjamin Saurugg (St) and Victoire Martin (NÖ) in fourth, seventh and ninth respectively.

Int. accumulator with one joker over 1.30 m

1. Koh I Noor - Sixt, Johanna (AUT/B) 65/44.65
2. Feline Hbc - Meijer, Amber (NED) 65/45.85
3. Iris - Bradt, Celine (BEL) 65/46.82
4. Mister Z - Juza, Christian (AUT/S) 65/47.36
5. Petit Over - Meisinger, Veronika (GER) 65/48.79
6. Ouite Beauty - Coata, Luca (ITA) 65/48.86
7. Contador - Saurugg, Benjamin (AUT/St) 65/50.09
8. Call Me Marilyn - Fuhrer, Dominik (SUI) 65/50.32
9. Casey Calhou - Martin, Victoire (AUT/NÖ) 65/50.63
10.Catminster - Kremser, Julia (GER) 65/51.02
11.Querry - Schnabel, Antonia (GER) 61/54.42
12.Joy v. Withoeve - Esposito, Luigi (ITA) 58/53.38
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Victory in the CSI1* GLOCK’s Medium Tour today remained in Austria, courtesy of Johanna Sixt (B) and Koh I Noor. © Nini Schäbel

With a fast, clear round, Johanna Sixt (AUT/B), in the saddle on Koh I Noor, took first place in the CSI1* GLOCK’s Medium Tour. © Michael Rzepa

Second place in the CSI1* GLOCK’s Medium Tour went to Amber Meijer (NED) and Feline Hbc. © Nini Schäbel

Riding Iris, Celine Bradt (BEL) took third place in the CSI1* GLOCK’s Medium Tour. © Michael Rzepa