Sunday, 18 June 2017 GLOCK anniversary

30 years of GLOCK in Ferlach/AUSTRIA

After the fabulous GLOCK anniversary last year in the USA, in 2017 celebrations are to take place in Austria. In the context of International Show Jumping, celebrations are to kick-off in the company of international guests and friends. GLOCK is a worldwide leading manufacturer of handguns and has stood for safety, reliability and perfection for 30 years. Precise engineering skill ensures that GLOCK meets the complex requirements of both police and military. For this reason, law enforcement units from more than 100 countries worldwide work with GLOCK pistols. As the founder, Gaston Glock continues to hold an important role in the Glock group, working to maintain this incomparable story of success on a daily basis, together with around 1600 GLOCK employees all over the world. Celebrate with us!