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Girl-power in the CSI5* GLOCK’s Perfection Tour

It was a female duo that prevailed in the first of two CSI5* GLOCK’s Perfection Tours this Saturday at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER Austria. Entered for the accumulator with joker over 1.45 m were 34 participating duos, albeit only eight of them managed to finish without time or obstacle penalties. Finishing as the winner with a full count of 65 points and a time of 52.91 seconds was the US-American, Laura Kraut. This member of the 2008 Beijing Olympic-winning team had saddled up 14-year-old Whitney, daughter of Indoctro, for whom she had many words of praise: “Whitney hasn’t been with me for long and riding her is still a new experience for me. She’s great; I reckon she’s a real winner and is already waking up with the drive to win.” As for International Show Jumping at the GHPC Austria, she also had only good things to say: “This is the best tournament I’ve ever been to! So many people told me I really must come and now it’s all come together for the first time. The sport is super, the parties are fantastic and I’m already looking forward to tomorrow.”

Second-placed Romain Duguet (SUI) succeeded in winning the Gaston Glock’s Grand Prix of Salzburg in 2015 and today too he delivered a top performance. With ten-year-old Selle Français mare Tipsy Girl Loisel, he lined up in second place in 54.25 seconds. Third place went to speedy Spaniard, Sergio Alvarez Moya, who took 56.64 seconds to complete the course with Carlo 273.

03 CSI5* GLOCK’s Perfection Tour
Int. jumping competition - accumulator with joker, 1.45 m

1. Whitney - Kraut, Laura (USA) 65/52.91
2. Tipsy Girl Loisel - Duguet, Romain (SUI) 65/54.25
3. Carlo 273 - Alvarez Moya, Sergio (ESP) 65/56.64
4. Chess - Moneta, Luca Maria (ITA) 65/56.90
5. Dallas Vdl - Vrieling, Jur (NED) 65/59.3
6. Impuls v. Heffinck - Philippaerts, Olivier (BEL) 65/61.19
7. Sandero - Wathelet, Gregory (BEL) 65/61.87
8. Comme Il Faut - Ehning, Marcus (GER) 65/64.03
9. Bintang II - Renwick, Laura (GBR) 64/63.73
10. Clooney 51 - Fuchs, Martin (SUI) 64/66.02
11. Goja Meyer-Zimmermann, Janne F. (GER) 64/69.28
12. Vallonia de Reville - Philippaerts, Nicola (BEL) 63/71.13
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What: International Show Jumping
When: June 15th – 18th 2017
VIP day tickets: for requests please call +43 664 8873 4401
Free entry to all competition events

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Laura Kraut (USA) and Whitney have only recently become a team but, with their victory in the CSI5* GLOCK’s Perfection Tour, they were able to demonstrate impressively their combined class. © GHPC / studiohorst

In her first competition at the GHPC Austria, Laura Kraut (USA) was promptly successful, winning with Whitney in the CSI5* GLOCK’s Perfection Tour. © Michael Rzepa

Today Romain Duguet (SUI) and Tipsy Girl Loisel were able to get to second place in the CSI5* GLOCK’s Perfection Tour. © Michael Rzepa

With his speedy white Carlo 273, Sergio Alvarez Moya (ESP) came third in the CSI5* GLOCK’s Perfection Tour. © Michael Rzepa