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Pius Schwizer wins GLOCK’s Perfection Tour

A distinguished field embarked on the second day of CSI3* International Show Jumping at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER. Thirty rider-horse duos had entered to start in GLOCK’s Perfection Tour, which was staged as an accumulator with one joker over 1.40 m. GLOCK Rider Gerco Schröder (NED), in the saddle on GLOCK’s Dobelensky, was the first to ride and delivered the first penalty-free round with a full 65 points, setting the benchmark at a smoothly ridden 58.18 seconds, which ultimately yielded a twelfth place.

Victory, with a best time of 45.31 seconds, went to the GLOCK’s 5* Grand Prix winner of 2015, Pius Schwizer (SUI). In the saddle on his Selle Francaise mare Tina de l’Yserand, the Olympic bronze medallist and Team European Champion had an advantage of 68 hundredths over Wilm Vermeir (BEL). Yesterday the Belgian rider won the CSI3* GLOCK’s Opening Competition and was again placed today riding Hacienda d’Eversem. With full points and a quick time, David Will (GER) and eight-year-old Westphalian mare, Daiane Blue V, took third place.

“I have to take a realistic view of my chances in the GLOCK’s 3* Grand Prix on Sunday. After all, there are lots of good riders here. I have to beat them first.”, said Schwizer with a wry smile in the winner’s interview.

Delivering the best result for the host nation in this morning’s CSI3* GLOCK’s Perfection Tour was Katharina Rhomberg from Vorarlberg and her ten-year-old, Dutch mare Dinadja.

11 CSI3* GLOCK’s Perfection Tour
Int. accumulator with joker 1.40 m

1. Tina de l’Yserand - Schwizer, Pius (SUI) 65/45.31   
2. Hacienda d’Eversem - Vermeir, Wilm (BEL) 65/45.99 
3. Daiane Blue V - Will, David (GER) 65/47.72  
4. Cornet’s Spirit - Neretnieks, Kristaps (LAT) 65/48.72  
5. Cassata - Kutscher, Marco (GER) 65/49.80  
6. Gino van de Vrunte - Vanderhasselt, Christophe (BEL) 65/50.85 
7. Joy Meyer-Zimmermann, Janne F. (GER) 65/52.78  
8. Dinadja - Rhomberg, Katharina (AUT/V) 65/53.78
9. Dagonett - Moyersoen, Filippo (ITA) 65/55.20  
10. Astakkato - Sleiderink, Sjaak (NED) 65/57.15  
11. Dundalk - Romp, Ruben (NED) 65/57.99  
12. Glock’s Dobelensky - Schröder, Gerco (NED) 65/58.18
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What: International Show Jumping
When: 01–04/02/2018
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Pius Schwizer, not merely a welcome and successful regular guest at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER, took victory today in the CSI3* GLOCK’s Perfection Tour. © Nini Schäbel

It was a full point score in the best time of 45.31 seconds and a victory to celebrate for Pius Schwizer (SUI) and Tina de l’Yserand in the GLOCK’s Perfection Tour at the start of the second day at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER. © Michael Rzepa

Wilm Vermeir (BEL) and Hacienda d’Eversem, winners of GLOCK’s 3* Opening Competition, took second place in today’s CSI3* GLOCK’s Perfection Tour. © Michael Rzepa

With full points and a quick time, David Will (GER) on Daiane Blue V took third place in GLOCK’s Perfection Tour. © Michael Rzepa