Wednesday, 05 May 2021 CDI3* Exloo (NED)

Double victory for Edward Gal

GLOCK Rider Edward Gal traveled with his two superstars, GLOCK’s Toto Jr N.O.P. and GLOCK’s Total US, to the three-star tournament in the Dutch town of Exloo. In the Grand Prix on May 5, 2021, he celebrated an impressive double victory with the two Totilas sons: ten-year-old Toto Jr scored 78.826% and placed just ahead of one-year younger Total US with 77.783%.

Edward Gal and GLOCK´s Total US. © Arnd Bronkhorst

Edward Gal © Arnd Bronkhorst

Edward Gal and GLOCK´s Toto Jr. © Arnd Bronkhorst