Friday, 01 February 2019 CSI5* CSI2* CSIYH1* 2019

5-Star kick-off victory for Emanuele Gaudiano (ITA)

Twenty-eight riders from among the top 100 in the world have come to start at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER Austria and, at 11:45am, the Olympic winners, World and European Champions along with top international riders in attendance first sized up against each other in a standard competition over 1.45 m. Forty-one participating duos had entered in the starting list for this CSI5* GLOCK’s Opening Competition. The task was to overcome 12 obstacles, including two mighty double combinations, without penalties and within the permitted time of 79 seconds, and 12 rider-horse duos mastered this task with clear rounds.

Ultimately the winner was the number 42 in the world, Emanuele Gaudiano (ITA), well known for riding fast rounds. With starting number 39 and on the saddle on 12-year-old Quinn van de Heffinck, daughter of For Pleasure, he rode to victory in an unbeatable 61.04 seconds. “I always look forward so much to coming here, because the conditions for riders and horses are simply perfect. The fact that this year sees the first 5-star tournament in the hall is fantastic, of course”, said the beaming winner in his interview.

Occupying second place was Michael Jung, a multiple Olympic winner, World and European Champion, albeit in another discipline. Because Jung is one of the most successful eventing riders in the world. Nevertheless, this German world-class rider has also enjoyed success in international show jumping and dressage competitions. In the saddle on his Westphalian mare, fischerChelsea, he cantered penalty-free over the finishing line in 61.89 seconds at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER.

The world number 69, Malin Baryard-Johnsson (SWE), showed her class in this CSI5* GLOCK’s Opening Competition over 1.45 m and took an outstanding third place with H&M Second Chance in a penalty-free 63.62 seconds.

Int. jumping competition (1.45m)

1. Quinn van de Heffinck - Emanuele Gaudiano (ITA) 0/61.04
2. fischerChelsea - Michael Jung (GER) 0/61.89 
3. H&M Second Chance - Malin Baryard-Johnsson (SWE) 0/63.62
4. A Vie du Calvaire - Julien Epaillard (FRA) 0/66.45
5. PSG Future - Pius Schwizer (SUI) 0/67.10
6. Gino van de Vrunte - Christophe Vanderhasselt (BEL) 0/67.31
7. Citti 3 - Douglas Lindelöw (SWE) 0/68.08
8. Chopin Des Hayettes - Emeric George (FRA) 0/68.56
9. Pretty Little Liar - Denis Lynch (IRL) 0/70.44
10. Utopia - Marcel Marschall (GER) 0/72.82
11. Casantos - John Whitaker (GBR) 0/73.05
12. Icarus - Marlon Modolo Zanotelli (BRA) 0/74.93
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What: International Show Jumping
When: 01–03/02/2019
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Congratulations to CSI5* GLOCK’s Opening Competition winner Emanuele Gaudiano. © Nini Schäbel

First place in the CSI5* GLOCK’s Opening Competition for Emanuele Gaudiano and Quinn van de Heffinck from Italy. © Arnd Bronkhorst

Michael Jung (GER), multiple Olympic winner, World and European Champion, came second in the CSI5* GLOCK’s Opening Competition. Today at the GHPC he had saddled fischerChelsea. © Arnd Bronkhorst

Malin Baryard-Johnsson (SWE) and H&M Second Chance on the way to third place in the CSI5* GLOCK’s Opening Competition. © Arnd Bronkhorst