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Bravo Amber! Full point score and second GLOCK’s Medium Tour victory

For the 20 duos starting in GLOCK’s Medium Tour today (Saturday 03/02/2018), their course was set for an accumulator with joker over 1.30 m. Whoever stayed penalty-free would collect the grand total of 65 points – seven duos managed it.

Nineteen-year-old Amber Meijer had already won GLOCK’s Medium Tour on Thursday (01/02/2018) and again, this very Saturday, this young lady from the Netherlands rode her eight-year-old KWPN mare Feline HBC over the line in the best time of 46.22 seconds. “It’s simply wonderful here!”, said the beaming winner. “Of course I hope things go as well tomorrow as they did today.”

Eva Golubicek (CRO) and ten-year-old Hanoverian gelding Balou d’Acord achieved second place in the GLOCK’s Medium Tour in 47.99 seconds. Taking third place, also for the Netherlands, were ten-year-old Dorus, son of Voltaire, and his rider Bart Haselbekke.

Best Austrian in the GLOCK’s Medium Tour was, once again, Carola Lehner from Vorarlberg. In the saddle on Contex 9, twelve-year-old Holstein son of Con Air, she rode to fourth place in 50.56 seconds. Also achieving placings for Austria were Katrin Pfingstl (ST) with Wally in seventh place and Alexandra Steiner (W) with Fanatiker vh Dingeshof coming eighth.

08 CSIAm-A GLOCK’s Medium Tour
Int. accumulator with joker 1.30 m

1. Feline HBC - Meijer, Amber (NED) 65/46.22 
2. Balou d’Acord - Golubicek, Eva (CRO) 65/47.99
3. Dorus - Haselbekke, Bart (NED) 65/48.18  
4. Contex 9 - Lehner, Carola (AUT/V) 65/50.56
5. Quick Silver - Dierkes, Deborah-Ann (GER) 65/52.49  
6. Ard Luster - Werndl, Katharina (GER) 65/53.67 
7. Wally - Pfingstl, Katrin (AUT/ST) 65/54.03  
8. Fanatiker vh Dingeshof - Steiner, Alexandra (AUT/W) 60/64.72 
9. Darc du Rona Z - van Enckevort, Nina (NED) 55/84.39  
10. Ottorongo Vom Klee - Jakob, Nicole (SUI) 47/50.71  
11. Piccolo R - Schuttenbeld, Madee (NED) 25/46.86  
12. Call Me Marilyn - Fuhrer, Dominik (SUI) 25/47.65  
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What: International Show Jumping
When: 01–04/02/2018
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Amber Meijer (NED) was delighted with her second GLOCK’s Medium Tour winner’s trophy. © Nini Schäbel

Feline HBC ridden by Amber Meijer (NED) jumped to a second GLOCK’s Medium Tour victory. © Michael Rzepa

Great performance! Eva Golubicek (CRO) and Balou d’Acord came second in GLOCK’s Medium Tour. © Michael Rzepa

Bart Haselbekke (NED) and Dorus took third place in GLOCK’s Medium Tour over 1.30 m. © Michael Rzepa