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GLOCK’s Amateur Tour kick-off win for Antonia Schnabel

The four days of International Show Jumping at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER Austria were opened today by the 15 participants in the GLOCK’s Amateur Tour. Riding the course over 1.25 m, designed by Franz Madl and Adi Appe, five rider-horse duos crossed the finishing line penalty free. Antonia Schnabel (GER), in the saddle on her eleven-year-old Oldenburger gelding Querry, delivered the best time of 70.42 seconds and celebrated the second GHPC victory of her career: “Of course, this was a super start to this wonderful tournament. Clearly I’ll continue to try for the best possible results over the next few days.”

Second place also went to Germany. Kristin Asmus and twelve-year-old Concetta, daughter of Concetto, were beaten by less than four tenths (0/70.80) sending Haley Elizabeth Schaufeld (ISR) and Harley 86 into third place (71.10).

Austrian riders Carola Lehner (V) on Oslo de Moyon, Markus Hammer (St) on Cristos, Monika Madl (OÖ) on H.B. Calido and Doris Griep (S) on Vainquer 2 also achieved placings.

International jumping competition against the clock 1.25 m

1. Querry - Schnabel, Antonia (GER) 0/70.42
2. Concetta - Asmus, Kristin (GER) 0/70.80
3. Harley 86 - Schaufeld, Haley Elizabeth (ISR) 0/71.10
4. Never des Etisses - Kremser, Julia (GER) 0/82.67
5. Zen - Boon, Isabelle (NED) 0/83.60
6. Oslo de Moyon - Lehner, Carola (AUT/V) 1/91.05
7. Mighty de Riverland - Steffen-Baleri, Daniela (SUI) 4/80.33
8. Cristos - Hammer, Markus (AUT/St) 4/82.84
9. H.B. Calido - Madl, Monika (AUT/OÖ) 4/83.08
10.Crazy Chicken 2 - Ripamonti, Giuseppe (ITA) 4/83.10
11.Vainqueur 2 - Griep, Doris (AUT/S) 4/86.64
12.Queenlilly - Nussbaumer, Thomas (SUI) 8/77.08
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International Show Jumping 
When: June 15th – 18th 2017
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Antonia Schnabel (GER) was able to receive her second GLOCK winner’s trophy in today’s GLOCK’s Amateur Tour. © GHPC / studiohorst

With their victory in the GLOCK’s Amateur Tour Antonia Schnabel (GER) and Querry had an ideal start for the Show Jumping weekend. © Michael Rzepa

Second place today for Kristin Asmus (GER) and Concetta in the GLOCK’s Amateur Tour. © Michael Rzepa

Third place in today’s GLOCK’s Amateur Tour went to Haley Elizabeth Schaufeld (ISR) and Harley 86. © Michael Rzepa