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GLOCK’s Small Tour Final victory for Iris de Paauw

The first winner of a final in the CSI3* International Show Jumping 2018 at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER comes from the Netherlands and is called Iris de Paauw. Awaiting the 18 participants in this GLOCK’s Small Tour Final was an accumulator with joker over 1.20 m, in which points were gained for every obstacle cleared penalty-free. To achieve the highest possible score of 65 points, it was necessary to clear not only the nine regular obstacles but also the joker jump, a black-and-white GLOCK upright, with no faults. Seven participating duos achieved this today (03/02).

The winning time in this GLOCK’s Small Tour Final was 48.83 seconds and was achieved by 18-year-old Iris de Paauw. In the saddle on her nine-year-old Dutch gelding Eager, she ruled out an Austrian final victory by sending Ludovica Goess-Saurau from Burgenland into second place. The latter, in the saddle on her Irish sport horse Knightfield Ella, required 49.45 seconds to complete the 400 m long course.

“Eager jumped superbly today and I’m very pleased to have won right away on my first visit to the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER.”, said the delighted and likeable winner, Iris de Paauw.

In third place (65/50.63) was the GLOCK’s Small Tour winning duo of yesterday, Molly Ohrstrom (USA) and her 13-year-oldr Holstein, Jimy (Casall x Contender). 

There were more international final placings for Austria courtesy of Pia Sophie Semorad (B) on Rival de Raches in fourth place, Andreas Wessely (B) and Grace Kelly PZW n sixth place, Claudia Kloodt (K) with Orki de Vy in eleventh place and Sophie Pollak (NÖ) and FSS Catch Phrase, who came twelfth.

06 CSIAm-B GLOCK’s Small Tour Final
Int. accumulator with joker 1.20 m 

1. Eager - Paauw, Iris de (NED) 65/48.83
2. Knightfield Ella - Goess-Saurau, Ludovica (AUT/B) 65/49.45
3. Jimy - Ohrstrom, Molly (USA) 65/50.63 
4. Rival de Raches - Semorad, Pia Sophie (AUT/B) 65/52.75 
5. Limonta - Steurer-Hautle, Carola (SUI) 65/54.70
6. Grace Kelly PZW - Wessely, Andreas (AUT/B) 65/54.77
7. Lesotho - Haberl, Wilhelm (GER) 65/57.21
8. Sycebay - Jäger, Vanessa (SUI) 61/66.47 
9. Never des Etisses - Prex, Anna-Lena (GER) 61/66.84 
10. Classica - Prasek, Kornelia (GER) 59/52.88 
11. Orki de Vy - Kloodt, Claudia (AUT/K) 57/58.65 
12. FSS Catch Phrase - Pollak, Sophie (AUT/NÖ) 54/56.02 
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What: International Show Jumping
When: 01–04/02/2018
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Iris de Paauw (NED) was delighted with her GLOCK’s Small Tour Final victory on her very first visit to the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER. © Nini Schäbel

Dream team: Iris de Paauw (NED) and Eager took victory in this morning’s final of the GLOCK’s Small Tour. © Michael Rzepa

Red-white-red youngster power: Ludovica Goess-Saurau (AUT/B) and Knightfield Ella achieved an excellent second place in the GLOCK’s Small Tour Final. © Michael Rzepa

Molly Ohrstrom (USA) and Jimy took third place in the final of GLOCK’s Small Tour. © Michael Rzepa