Saturday, 06 July 2013 CSI2* Tour 1.45m

It’s Hugo!

He has obviously recovered from the serious injury he sustained in a fall from a borrowed horse at the FEI World Cup in China in May. And he is always ambitious and motivated anyway. It therefore came as no surprise that our untiring evergreen Hugo Simon (AUT/Styria) charged round the CSI2* course early this morning in a breathtaking best time to his first win here at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER. C.T., his nine-year-old Casall son, was the perfect mount, showing great jump potential and fighting spirit. Together one of the world’s most experienced and successful riders and the good-natured chestnut that always wants to win were truly unbeatable!

In the two-phase competition, Austria’s dream team were nine seconds ahead of runner-up Joy A. Najem (LIB) on Royal Berry (49.42) and a staggering eleven seconds in front of Lidija Grum (SLO) on Fragile van’t Meulenhof.

“It’s brilliant to ride here and when everything’s so nice you make even more of an effort,” said Hugo Simon smiling at the winner’s interview and then joked: “As you can see, it all keeps getting bigger and better here and you just have to adapt. But C.T. was very fast. Yes, sure, he didn’t necessarily have to be nine seconds faster, but he jumped fantastically again today and I’m really proud of him!”

10 | CSI2* Tour
International jumping competition in two phases (1.45 m)
1. C T - Simon Hugo (AUT/Styria) 0 40.93 - Phase 2
2. Royal Berry - Najem Joy A. (LIB) 0 49.42 - Phase 2 
3. Fragile van’t Meulenhof - Grum Lidija (SLO) 0 51.14 - Phase 2 
4. Antonov - Raytchev Rossen (BUL) 4 37.89 - Phase 2 
5. Kid Rock - Mühlbauer Thomas (GER) 4 41.45 - Phase 2 
6. Levistino - Bruns Ulrike (GER) 4 42.25 - Phase 2 
7. Calderon 35 - Skorianz-Jenull Andrea (AUT/Carinthia) 4 44.53 - Phase 2 
8. Canberro - Steurer Otto (GER) 4 47.56 - Phase 2 
9. Quabs - Schmid Maximilian (GER) 12 38.64 - Phase 2
10. Wilson - Schans Patrick van der (NED) 1 50.23 - Phase 1 
11. Caruso 394 - Candin Andy (ROU) 4 44.39 - Phase 1 
11. Glock’s Lightning - Khoddam-Hazrati Katrin (AUT/Styria) 4 44.39 - Phase 1
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That’s the way to do it! Hugo Simon (AUT/Styria) charged to success with C.T. © Nini Schäbel

Second prize went to Joy A. Najem (LIB) and Royal Berry © Nini Schäbel

Lidija Grum (SLO) took third on Fragile van’t Meulenhof © Nini Schäbel