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On a run! Antonia Schnabel takes GLOCK’s Amateur Tour victory number two

The GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER Austria is fertile ground for Antonia Schnabel (GER). Today, with her eleven-year-old Oldenburger gelding Querry, this female rider collected her second winner’s trophy of the weekend in the GLOCK’s Amateur Tour. In this jumping competition accumulator with joker, over 1.30 m, the duo delivered an immaculate round, cantering with a full set of 65 points and in 59.88 seconds to victory. She did this at a more sedate pace: “Today I rode all the turns on the outside line and didn’t push the pace so much. Now I’m all the happier that it’s worked out again.”
As the last to start, Christine Raaholt (NOR) came close to challenging her for victory. With her 13-year-old Jamaika Z, daughter of Jumpilot, she finished the course in 62.68 seconds. Lining up for third place was the best man in the test, Thomas Nussbaumer (SUI). He rode Queenlilly across the finishing line in 64.08 seconds, also packing all 65 points.

Int. jumping competition with joker, 1.30 m

1. Querry - Schnabel, Antonia (GER) 65/59,88
2. Jamaika Z - Raaholt, Christine (NOR) 65/62,68
3. Queenlilly - Nussbaumer, Thomas (SUI) 65/64,08
4. Lesotho - Haberl, Wilhelm (GER) 65/68,04
5. Never des Etisses - Kremser, Julia (GER) 61/62,88
6. Zen - Boon, Isabelle (NED) 61/69,36
7. Crazy Chicken 2 - Ripamonti, Giuseppe (ITA) 58/68,41
8. Concetta - Asmus, Kristin (GER) 56/56,64
9. H.B. Calido - Madl, Monika (AUT/OÖ) 53/62,48
10. Vainqueur 2 - Griep, Doris (AUT/S) 42/70,03
11. Cristos - Hammer, Markus (AUT/St) 25/69,13
12. Mighty de Riverland - Steffen-Baleri, Daniela (SUI) 17/58,31 
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Today Antonia Schnabel (GER) was able to collect the second GLOCK winner’s trophy in this weekend’s GLOCK’s Amateur Tour. © GHPC / studiohorst

Second victory in their second competition of this weekend’s GLOCK’s Amateur Tour for Antonia Schnabel (GER) and Querry. © Michael Rzepa

Christine Raaholt (NOR) and Jamika Z finished second in the GLOCK’s Amateur Tour. © Michael Rzepa

Thomas Nussbaumer (SUI) and Queenlilly were able to celebrate third place in the GLOCK’s Amateur Tour. © Michael Rzepa

Best Austrian duo in the GLOCK’s Amateur Tour: Monika Madl (OÖ) and H.B. Calido. © Michael Rzepa