Sunday, 06 December 2015 Gaston Glock's Grand Prix Salzburg

Romain Duguet – victory with Swiss precision

The Gaston and Kathrin Glock family has been supporting the Mevisto Amadeus Horse Indoors in Salzburg since 2013 with patronage of the Gaston Glock's Championates. Now, in the anniversary year 2015 for the first time, the Gaston Glock's Grand Prix of Salzburg was staged on Sunday as the show-jumping highlight. The 38 rider-horse duos that had entered the competition were facing a completely new challenge. Since for this world ranking show jumping event, with prize money amounting to 100,000 euros, the Salzburg arena was converted into a completely new world.

Every single obstacle in the course was delivered from the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER in Treffen, the GLOCK flower decoration was created specially for this event. The side fence resplendent in GLOCK branding and, for the award ceremony, there was specially composed music, special GLOCK trophies, GLOCK sashes, a GLOCK rug for the winner and GLOCK gifts for placed riders. A world of wonder for a limited time - the duration of Gaston Glock’s Grand Prix Salzburg.

The demanding course took the participants over a height of 1.60 m and required full focus from both horses and riders from the first jump to the last. Exactly ten duos succeeded in taking the twelve obstacles without errors, then to enter the jump-off. Here no-one was able to beat the winner of the world cup leg from Helsinki and third-placed in Lyon, Romain Duguet. The Swiss rider had to enter the decisive test as the first starter with his 13-year-old Selle Francais stallion Otello du Soleil and he approached his round with speed but great care. Some riders after him would have beaten his time of 46.59 seconds, but none of them completed penalty-free. Thus Romain Duguet succeeded in nailing premiere victory in Gaston Glock's Grand Prix Salzburg.

"It was clear to me that, as the first starter, I had to risk a little because I had quite a few fast riders behind me. I tried it and it worked. Today was a fantastic day!", said the beaming winner when interviewed by Christian Clerici.

Achieving the second penalty-free ride in the jump-off was the Czech Ales Opatrny in the saddle on his outstanding horse Acovaro. He piloted the just nine-year-old son of Acodetto I through the course in 55.76 seconds. Third place went to the German David Will on Mic Mac du Tillard. He achieved the best absolute time of 42.82 seconds but picked up one penalty.

Gaston and Kathrin Glock Family Prize
Int. show jumping competition with jump-off, 1.60 m
Test qualifying for LONGINES RANKING list

1. Otello du Soleil - Duguet, Romain (SUI) 0/46.59 in j-o
2. Acovaro - Opatrny, Ales (CZE) 0/55.76 in j-o
3. Mic Mac du Tillard - Will, David (GER) 4/42.82 in j-o
4. Johnny Boy - Lambre, Santiago (MEX) 4/45.84 in j-o
5. Umeunig - Offel, Katharina (UKR) 4/47.71 in j-o
6. Chacon - Schmid, Maximilian (GER) 4/51.52 in j-o
7. Upset des Cinq Chenes - Belova, Natalia (RUS) 4/53.28 in j-o
8. VDL Glasgow vh Merelsnest - Vrieling, Jur (NED) 4/53.59 in j-o
9. Undicci - Breen, Shane (IRL) 12/48.21 in j-o
10.Que Pasa - Kazmierczak, Michal (POL) 12/52.14 in j-o
11.Horse Gym's Balzaci - Hassmann, Felix (GER) 4/67.89 in j-o
12.Quenelle du Py - Robert, Olivier (FRA) 4/68.25 in j-o
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Christian ClericiJosef Göllner and Dr. Brigitta Pallauf congratulated Gaston Glock's Grand Prix Salzburg winner Romain Duguet (SUI) on behalf of the Gaston and Kathrin Glock family. © GHPC / studiohorst

Romain Duguet (SUI) and Otello du Soleil took victory in Gaston Glock's Grand Prix Salzburg in magnificent style. © Michael Graf

Ales Opatrny (CZE) and Acovaro secured second place in Gaston Glock's Grand Prix Salzburg. © Michael Graf

He would have had the fastest time, but one knockdown meant an ultimate third place for David Will (GER) and Mic Mac du Tillard in Gaston Glock's Grand Prix Salzburg. © Michael Graf