Wednesday, 17 May 2023 WBFSH Selection

Two GLOCK stallions & many offspring in qualification round 2

The GLOCK stallions and their offspring impressively proved their influence within the international dressage world. With six-year-old My Toto by GLOCK’s Toto Jr. x GLOCK’s Voice, and seven-year-old Las Vegas by Ferdeaux x Wynton, two horses were recommended for the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses and could therefore present themselves again at the second selection round. A total of eleven offspring of GLOCK stallions made it to the second qualification round in the Netherlands.

Five-year-old dressage horses:
Newport by GLOCK’s Toto Jr.
This is Naqueen by GLOCK’s Trafalgar

Six-year-old dressage horses:
Massimo by GLOCK’s Toto Jr.
Mercurius ACM by GLOCK’s Dream Boy
Mac Toto by GLOCK’s Toto Jr.
Mister Johnson J.J. by GLOCK’s Toto Jr.
Mauro Turfhorst by GLOCK’s Zonik
Mellevanck PP by GLOCK’s Toto Jr.
Magic Johnson van de Edcohoeve by GLOCK’s Johnson TN
Hexagons Gorgeous Black Art by GLOCK’s Toto Jr.

Seven-year-old dressage horses:
Hexagons Luxuriouzz by GLOCK’s Johnson TN
Accountancy Leonardo Vdt (GLOCK’s Zonik)