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Two legs, four hooves, one team – friendship between rider and horse

It is a bond that cannot easily be described with words. A relationship that goes deeper than many would think possible. A connection that one cannot understand without having had the privilege of experiencing it oneself: it is the friendship between rider and horse.

The feeling of coming to the stables in the morning and being welcomed by a friendly snort, gentle mumble or cheerful neighing is unique. GLOCK rider Gerco Schröder was lucky enough to enjoy this every day. This exceptional rider takes care of the four-legged friends entrusted to him by the Gaston und Kathrin Glock family with enormous dedication. This includes everything from top-sports horses through raw diamonds to former greats now enjoying their well-earned pension on Gerco’s meadows.

A life with horses – a life for horses
Gerco knows lots of stories about every single one of them, success stories and stories of failure, highs and lows, emotional moments and beautiful memories. Here, each story is characterised by mainly one thing: respect for the four-legged partner in sports.

“For me, one of the most beautiful feelings is when I notice how much the horse is fighting for me. If you have the feeling that it has no wish greater than to give its best together with the rider and to grow with the challenges in partnership. This can scarcely be matched!” says two-times Olympic silver medal winner and World and European Champion Gerco Schröder.

Growing together and taking the horses to top league performance, then keeping them there, is a life-long task, which requires a lot of patience, feeling and the right degree of ambition. It is a task that Gerco masters like no one else. He gives the horses the time they need and supports them with calmness and care. Because, in the GLOCK team, the horses are the top priority. “Without the horses we would simply be people, no riders. In the end they make us who we are. Working with them means so much more than sports, hobby or profession. It’s our life. I can’t imagine anything better in the world.”

And the relaxed behaviour of the horses in Gerco’s presence makes their contentment more than clear. Gerco’s children, Lisa and Thomas, like to take the successful sports horses, like GLOCK’s Cognac Champblanc for instance, on an easy walk on just the head collar, cuddle the impressive stallion GLOCK’s Zaranza, who easily is three times as tall as them, in the stable aisle and race their little tractors through the farm grounds to quickly get some more grass for their four-legged friends. One can clearly feel that this is not only a place where champions are made. This is a place where the friendship between riders and horses is deep and heartfelt.

GLOCK’s entertainment at the Riders Lounge
The motto “Horses and Stars” stands for GLOCK-style, high-class entertainment, and guests in the exclusive Riders Lounge can look forward to:

• Gourmet entertainment
• Wellness Lounge (manicure, pedicure, massage)
• Styling Lounge with star stylist Eren Bektas and his team
• Kids Lounge with creative carers
• Cinema Lounge for little cinema fans
• Dog Wellness – the very finest dog massage with Manfred Kellenc
• Live coverage from the tournament hall
• International top-class show acts

Teatro dinner show by Alfons Schuhbeck – The Original
Let yourself be carried away by Alfons Schuhbeck himself to enjoy the delights of a holistic experience for all the senses, to experience what are truly “culinary top-acrobatics”. Because this evening offers a perfect mix of magic, a spectacular show programme and comedy paired with culinary delights. For information on exclusive Riders Lounge tickets for “Teatro Friday”, January 29th 2016 at 300 euros/day, please contact or the hotline +43 664 887 34 401.

Cooking Lounge
Once again, German star chef Alfons Schuhbeck will be delighting all in his Cooking Lounge at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER. All tournament guests enjoy free entry here. The cooking shows take place on Fri and Sat at 11am, 2pm and 5pm and on Sunday at 11am and 2pm.

Free entry to the tournament hall
There is free entry to the spectator grandstand in the tournament hall every day. At the Public Lounge, day-guests can enjoy public viewing, exclusive catering and a supervised Kids Corner. The dogs aren’t forgotten either: at the Dog Lounge there are plenty of treats for our faithful friends.

Fully informed
You can find all the information about the competitions, daily summaries, many photos and news as well as the live stream of International Show Jumping at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER at

What: International Show Jumping
When: January 28th -31st 2016
Where: GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER Treffen nr. Villach, Austria
VIP day tickets for Friday – Teatro dinner show: 300 euros per person, call +43 664 887 344 01
Free entry to all competitive events at the spectator grandstand in the tournament hall

GLOCK rider Gerco Schröder lives for the horses and knows: you can’t do without them. © GHPC / studiohorst

Together GLOCK rider Gerco Schröder and the GLOCK horses manage any path. © GHPC / studiohorst

A congenial duo: GLOCK rider Gerco Schröder and GLOCK’s Cognac Champblanc. © Arnd Bronkhorst

GLOCK’s Lausejunge is amongst the young talents in the team and is patiently fostered by GLOCK rider Gerco. © Arnd Bronkhorst

An internationally successful show-jumping horse as a cuddly partner for the kids: GLOCK’s Cognac Champblanc and Gerco’s children Thomas and Lisa show how that works. © GHPC / studiohorst