Thursday, 28 January 2016 CSI3* CSI1* CSIYH1* GHPC

Carinthian double victory marks the start of International Show Jumping

The season opening at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER kicked off today with the participants in the CSI1* GLOCK’s Small Tour. Awaiting the 16 horse and rider duos from six nations was a course over 1.15 m with eleven obstacles and twelve jumps.

The end result was a double victory for Carinthia to celebrate, because only Dieter Sommerhuber on his Hanoverian gelding Cross Light (0/63.59) and Katharina Leitsberger on just seven-year-old son of Larino Enturano B (0/65.18) made it to the finish with no penalties. At the winner’s interview, a smiling Dieter Sommerhuber commented "For years now I’ve had the privilege of supplying GLOCK winners’ blankets. Now I’ve won one for the first time, which is wonderful of course. My thanks to the Gaston and Kathrin Glock family for permitting me to take part in the season opening once again."

Third place went, with one time penalty point, to Wilhelm Haberl from Germany, who piloted his Bavaria-raised gelding Lesotho to the finish in 80.66 seconds.

04 - CSI1* GLOCK’s Small Tour
Int. show jumping competition (fault/time), 1.15 m

1. Cross Light - Sommerhuber, Dieter (AUT/K) 0/63.59
2. Enturano B - Leitsberger, Katharina (AUT/K) 0/65.18
3. Lesotho - Haberl, Wilhelm (GER) 1/80.66
4. Gaspari - Peintner, Birgit (AUT/K) 4/60.82
5. Univers la Tuiliere - Mordasini, Loic (FRA) 4/63.47
6. Lawrence A - Aschenbrenner, Christopher (AUT/W) 4/66.48
7. Chakira - Bauer, Bettina (AUT/NÖ) 4/69.61
8. Colombo Z - Hofmann, Andreas (AUT/T) 4/69.79
9. Pellegrino - Albano, Marco (ITA) 4/71.88
10.Rochester Bounty - Krießmann, Theresa (AUT/St) 4/72.71
11.Wasper L - Buffa, Carmen (AUT/K) 4/77.06
12.Zasja - Mamic, Vanja (CRO) 5/81.09
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Dieter Sommerhuber (AUT/K) and Cross Light delivered Carinthia’s first victory in the CSI1* GLOCK's Small Tour Opening. © Michael Rzepa

Katharina Leitsberger (AUT/K) came second in the CSI1* GLOCK’s Small Tour Opening with Enturano B. © Michael Rzepa

Third place for Wilhelm Haberl (GER) and his Lesotho in the CSI1* GLOCK’s Small Tour Opening. © Michael Rzepa

Proud winner of the CSI1* GLOCK’s Small Tour Opening, Dieter Sommerhuber (AUT/K) receives compliments from Franz-Peter Bockholt (Sports Director). © GHPC / studiohorst