Thursday, 24 July 2014 CSI5* CSI2* CSIYH1* CSIAm-A

He’s done it again! Filippo Moyersoen’s (ITA) triumph in the CSI5* opening!

Today was the first difficult test for the riders of the CSI5* Tour. The nicely-flowing course presented a height of 1.45 m for the 5* opening of superstars and was tackled by no fewer than 83 duos. Twenty nine active riders remained error free with the big winner being Italian rider Filippo Moyersoen.

In the saddle of his nine-year old Contendro daughter Loro Piana Biricchina Bella, he succeeded in completing a simply ideal round and his time of 59.89 seconds was not to be beaten by his competitors. Thus, following his ex-aequo victory in the GLOCK's CSI3* Grand Prix in January this year, today he could celebrate his first unshared success at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER.
Olympic winner Steve Guerdat (SUI) also tried to beat the time of the Italian rider, but the Swiss rider, with his eight-year old mare Catalina CH, had to content himself with second place, with a course time of 61.59 seconds. Omer Karaevli (TUR) with Rabane de Sury shone in third place with 61.67 seconds.
Evergreen Hugo Simon (AUT/St) rode some highly motivated rounds with both, C.T. and Freddy 7. This was rewarded by seventh place with C.T. (0/62.92) and eleventh with Freddy 7 (0/67.86).

GLOCK Rider Gerco Schroeder (NED) consciously decided on a calm ride for his CSI5* opening with GLOCK’s London and stayed easily error-free over the course (43rd place).
Test 01: CSI5* Opening
International show jumping  competition according to errors and time, 1.45 m

1. Loro Piana Biricchina Bella - Moyersoen Filippo (ITA) 0 - 59.89 sec
2. Catalina CH - Guerdat Steve (SUI) 0 - 61.58 sec
3. Rabane de Sury - Karaevli Omer (TUR) 0 - 61.67 sec
4. Nenuphar'Jac - Módolo Zanotelli Marlon (BRA) 0 - 61.92 sec
5. Balermo - Kutscher Marco (GER) 0 - 62.34 sec
6. Uni Stop - Whitaker John (GBR) 0 - 62.87 sec
7. C T - Simon Hugo (AUT/St) 0 - 62.92 sec
8. PSG Future - Fuchs Martin (SUI) 0 - 65.38 sec
9. Cornet's Hope - Estermann Paul (SUI) 0 - 66.02 sec
10.Rimell de la Vallee - Angot Reynald (FRA) 0 - 66.41 sec
11.Freddy 7 - Simon Hugo (AUT/St) 0 - 67.86 sec
12.Royalty Des Isles - Hough Lauren (USA) 0 - 68.47 sec
13.Checkpoint U - Mändli Beat (SUI) 0 - 70.39 sec
14.Venus - Aufrecht Pia-Luise (GER) 0 - 71.13 sec
15.Zaza Harvey - Dinan Katherine A. (USA) 0 - 71.38 sec
16.Flash Dance V. Kalevallei - Vrieling Jur (NED) 0 - 71.86 sec
17.Wijnand - Gaudiano Emanuele (ITA) 0 - 72.07 sec
17.Cornetta - Kühner Max (GER) 0 - 72.07 sec
19.Conconcreto Sancha Ls - Bluman Daniel (COL) 0 - 72.16 sec
20.Never des Etisses - Juza Christian (AUT/S) 0 - 72.54 sec
21.Clooney - Kühner Max (GER) 0 - 73.37 sec
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Dream team in the CSI5* opening: Loro Piana Biricchina Bella under Filippo Moyersoen (ITA). © Arnd Bronkhorst

Steve Guerdat (SUI) and Catalina CH © Michael Rzepa

Omer Karaevli (TUR) and Rabane de Sury © Michael Rzepa

With his routine and the jumping genius C.T., Hugo Simon (AUT/St) was able to score seventh place. © Michael Rzepa

In best harmony also with his Freddy 7, Hugo Simon (AUT/ST) showed the great result of 11th place. © Michael Rzepa

Salzburg-based routinier Christian Juza and Never des Etisses were able to score 20th with a great performance © Arnd Bronkhorst

GLOCK Rider Gerco Schroeder (NED) and the fantastic chestnut stallion GLOCK’s London. © Arnd Bronkhorst