Tuesday, 03 November 2015 CSI5*-W Lyon (FRA)

Top places for Gerco Schröder

When the Eurexpo venue in Lyon (FRA) is turned into Equita Lyon, one of the world’s most beautiful indoor arenas, and the international elite of equestrian sports travel to France’s south east, there’s one rider who must certainly not miss out on it: GLOCK rider Gerco Schröder (NED). The incumbent team-world and European champion twice achieved high rankings with eleven-year-old GLOCK's Zaranza during this high-class CSI5*-W event. In the Prix Région Rhône-Alpes on Friday, more than 50 participating duos tackled a 2 phase course over 1.50 m. Gerco and 'Zaranza' succeeded in ranking ninth after a magnificent, clear round.

On Saturday the suspense continued with the Equita Masters. Only ten rider-horse pairings were able to enter the deciding second round after a very selective test over 1.60 m. Here too, Gerco and GLOCK's Zaranza, raised from Karandasj x Heartbreaker, were able to prove their skill and delivered two flawless rides. The reward for this excellent performance was seventh place. "Zaranza is showing outstanding development”, said Gerco after the successful tests. "He’s motivated, jumps superbly and always gives his best on the course.”