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Triumph for Julia Kremser in the GLOCK’s Amateur Tour Final

The first final at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER Austria this weekend has been decided. Fourteen participants from eight nations went to the start line for the GLOCK’s Amateur Tour Final, whilst eight of them qualified for the deciding jump-off thanks to penalty-free basic rounds over 1.35 m. Returning to a shortened course with seven obstacles and eight jumps, it was the German, Julia Kremser (GER), who mastered it fastest in 46.41 seconds with a well executed round on the experienced Never des Etisses.

“I’ve only had Never for a short time under the saddle, so I wasn’t quite sure how much success to expect. But everything went superbly and we were able to prove that we’re a super team. I’m really happy”, said the winner of the GLOCK’s Amateur Tour Final in her interview.

Narrowly beaten was Haley Elizabeth Schaufeld (ISR) with Harley 86, daughter of Hors la Loi II. The duo lined up in second place with 46.80 seconds. In third place was the Norwegian, Christine Raaholt, who completed the jump-off on Jamaika Z in 47.05 seconds. Carola Lehner (AUT/V) and Oslo de Moyon were the best Austrian duo, taking seventh place (4/54.75 in j-o.). Despite penalties in the basic round, Monika Madl (OÖ) and Markus Hammer (St) also achieved placings.

Int. jumping competition with jump-off, 1.35 m

1. Never des Etisses - Kremser, Julia (GER) 0/46.41 in j-o
2. Harley 86 - Schaufeld, Haley Elizabeth (ISR) 0/46.80 in j-o
3. Jamaika Z - Raaholt, Christine (NOR) 0/47.05 in j-o
4. Zen - Boon, Isabelle (NED) 0/53.54 in j-o
5. Crazy Chicken 2 - Ripamonti, Giuseppe (ITA) 4/46.63 in j-o
6. Concetta - Asmus, Kristin (GER) 4/48.75 in j-o
7. Oslo de Moyon - Lehner, Carola (AUT/V) 4/54.75 in j-o
8. Mighty de Riverland - Steffen-Baleri, Daniela (SUI) 8/49.56 in j-o
9. Querry - Schnabel, Antonia (GER) 4/78.01
10. Queenlilly - Nussbaumer, Thomas (SUI) 4/82.49
11. H.B. Calido - Madl, Monika (AUT/OÖ) 4/83.26
12. Cristos - Hammer, Markus (AUT/St) 9/88.77
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Julia Kremser (GER) and Never des Etisses have only recently become a team and have now already presented themselves brilliantly through their victory in the GLOCK’s Amateur Tour Final. © Nini Schäbel

After a successful round, experienced Never des Etisses and his rider Julia Kremser (GER) succeeded in winning the GLOCK’s Amateur Tour Final. © Michael Rzepa

Haley Elizabeth Schaufeld (ISR) cantered to second place with Harley 86 in the GLOCK’s Amateur Tour Final. © Michael Rzepa

In the GLOCK’s Amateur Tour Final, Christine Raaholt (NOR) and Jamaika Z came third. © Michael Rzepa

Carola Lehner (V) was able to deliver the best Austrian result with Oslo de Moyon, coming seventh in the GLOCK’s Amateur Tour Final. © Michael Rzepa