Thursday, 28 January 2016 CSI3* CSI1* CSIYH1* GHPC

Rapid victory in the CSI3* GLOCK’s Opening for Francois Mathy Jr

Today 82 times the starter bell rang in the CSI3* GLOCK’s Opening Competition over 1.40 m. For the first time in the International Show Jumping at the GHPC, the top riders saddled their horses and really went out for it. A total of 25 participating duos finished a penalty-free round but only one of them managed to stay under the 60 second mark. Francois Mathy Jr (BEL) risked it all in the saddle of his eleven-year-old BWP stallion Falco van de Clehoeve and, at 58.92 seconds, was not to be beaten. "We are here participating in a beautiful tournament and I am delighted with this kick-off victory. However, we still have quite a few days ahead of us and, for the Grand Prix on Sunday, I hope to have that necessary little bit of luck”, said the beaming winner in his interview.

Closest to the winning time was Sanne Thijssen. The just 17-year-old Dutch rider presented a fabulous round with her Baloubet du Rouet-daughter Ulena, securing second place in a penalty-free 60.29 seconds. German rider Felix Hassmann made it to third place. He crossed the finishing line with eleven-year-old gelding SL Brazonado after 61.14 seconds. Austria also twice achieved placings with Jürgen Krackow (S) on Ailonka (7th place - 0/66.19) and Stefanie Bistan (NÖ) on Kennedy 2 (13th place - 0/74.34).
Int. Jumping competition (fault/time) 1.40 m

1. Falco van de Clehoeve - Mathy, Francois Jr (BEL) 0/58.92
2. Ulena - Thijssen, Sanne (NED) 0/60.29
3. SL Brazonado - Hassmann, Felix (GER) 0/61.14
4. Dragon Leon - Cheng, Kenneth (HKG) 0/62.51
5. Barino - Bettinger, Marc (GER) 0/62.71
6. Inliner - Bitter, Eva (GER) 0/63.28
7. Ailonka - Krackow, Jürgen (AUT/S) 0/66.19
8. Quintella - Skrzyczynski, Jaroslaw (POL) 0/66.28
9. Horse Gym’s Balance - Hassmann, Felix (GER) 0/67.83
10.Amour 44 - Thijssen, Sanne (NED) 0/69.13
11.Nicole - Cox, Karel (BEL) 0/69.46
12.Chiricco 2 - Bruggink, Gert Jan (NED) 0/69.84
13.Kennedy 2 - Bistan, Stefanie (AUT/NÖ) 0/74.34
14.Crystal IV - Wettstein, Simone (SUI) 0/74.49
15.Sam de Bacon - Mendoza, Jessica (GBR) 0/75.25
16.Gulio van de Koelaar - Hatteland, Cecilie (NOR) 0/75.30
17.Clipmyhorse Cash And Go - Wettstein, Simone (SUI) 0/75.71
18.Wireina - Karlsson, Irma (SWE) 0/75.75
19.Zimba HL - Verhagen, Charlotte (NED) 0/76.11
20.Donatella-N - Philippaerts, Nicola (BEL) 0/76.18
21.Tiny Toon Semilly - Mordasini, Charlotte (SWE) 0/76.51
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GHPC Sports Director Franz-Peter Bockholt congratulated Francois Mathy Jr (BEL) on his victory in the CSI3* GLOCK’s Opening Competition. © GHPC / studiohorst

Francois Mathy Jr (BEL), in the saddle on Falco van de Clehoeve, prevailed in the CSI3* GLOCK’s Opening Competition. © Michael Rzepa

With a magnificent round, 17-year-old Sanne Thijssen (NED) and Ulena took second place in the CSI3* GLOCK’s Opening Competition. © Michael Rzepa

Strong performance! Felix Hassmann (GER) and SL Brazonado came third in the CSI3* GLOCK’s Opening Competition. © Michael Rzepa

Jürgen Krackow (AUT/S) and Ailonka delivered the best Austrian result with seventh place in the CSI3* GLOCK’s Opening Competition. © Michael Rzepa

Kennedy 2 under Stefanie Bistan (AUT/NÖ) jumping to 13th place in the CSI3* GLOCK’s Opening Competition. © Michael Rzepa